Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Untroubled Heart Online Study - Week 12

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It's hard to believe this week wraps up our study of An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell! I hope you've enjoyed the study as much as I have and feel it was worth your time.

The next study I'll be hosting here will be the book Do You Know Who I Am? And Other Brave Questions Women Ask by Angela Thomas, beginning on April 29. Click on the link for more information. If you'd like to join me in this study, please send me an email with your name, email address, city, and state.

Have a blessed week!

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Week 12 – Mar. 18-Mar. 24, 2012
Monday & Tuesday
  • Read Chapter 12 “Living with Courage.” Underline or take notes on points you want to remember or go back to.
Wednesday & Thursday
  • Reflect on, and answer, the Bible Study Questions at the end of the chapter. 
  • Spend time in prayer and reflecting on the reading. What have you learned from this study?

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