As you can see, my blog is still undergoing some construction, but it’s getting there. The end result will be a Christian blog that will honor and give glory to God.

In the near future I plan to host an online Bible study for women who want to grow in God's Word and communicate with other women with the same desire. It will offer the opportunity to study and connect with others, but with the luxury of being on your own schedule.

Here are just a few positives to an online study:
  • No meeting commitments.
  • Come as you are! PJs are perfectly acceptable.
  • You set your schedule. As we work through a book, I will offer a loose schedule in an attempt to keep us on track and going through the same chapters at the same time. However, it's up to you when you read or comment to a blog.
  • Non-denominational. Open to all women, no matter where you live, or what your church background may be.
How wonderful will it be to interact with women from different backgrounds living in different areas!

Stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, if you’ve had an experience with an online study, please feel free to share by leaving a comment.

God Bless,