Staying Positive in a Negative World

We live in a negative world. Maybe it’s always been this way, but seems worse because of social media. I don’t really know. But closer to home, I look back and see that I’ve always been surrounded by negative people. I didn’t know any different as I was growing up, but as an adult I can see it now.

Remember Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? He was always expecting and waiting for the worst. He’s cute in the stories, but I don’t think I could hang out with him for long periods of time. And then I realized…I do have Eeyores in my life. I always have. Maybe you do too.

I think I might have even been Eeyore-like. After all, it’s how I grew up. So, when I encountered negative people, their behavior didn’t seem that out of line. Then, over the years, as I started to really see God’s work in my life, I also began to see everyday life differently. I know bad things happen, but waiting for them seemed pointless. Worrying about what might happen tomorrow means I either worry for no reason when it doesn’t happen, or I’ve spent extra time worrying before it was necessary.

Worry for tomorrow takes away from today.

But, let’s face it, we will spend time with people who spend most of their time worrying. So, what can we do when we feel like we’re surrounded by negativity and encounter Eeyores on a regular basis?

Please join me at Candidly Christian where I'm sharing some things I do to keep from following others down a pessimistic road. Perhaps you’ll find them helpful as well!

In Christ,

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  1. I think cultivating a heart of thankfulness definitely helps. If I'm focused on the Lord and learn to always be grateful, even if it just for a little thing, then my heart seems to flourish :)

  2. Laura, there is much wisdom in this post for all of us to glean. When I notice myself becoming negative, I try to get some space. This can mean going for a walk, shutting off the news, closing the computer to just having a quiet few minutes with a cup of tea and my Bible. But I must be intentional to reset my focus and hold onto my joy.


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