3 Steps to a Change of Focus

Last summer I went through a season—the kind where sadness wasn’t a stranger. It wasn’t an emergency situation. I also felt happiness and joy, love and a sense of accomplishment, and I was active and present where I was. But, I knew the anniversary of the loss of a loved one and stressful situations had me feeling down…and I knew that in time it would pass.

I was reminded that actions and activities can either contribute to, or help improve, melancholy when I scrolled through Facebook one morning. I was already feeling low, for reasons I had on my mental list, when I started seeing photos of close friends with narratives of deep friendship and I felt a familiar sense of longing.

As I started adding to my mental list of complaints I realized I had to close out of Facebook. Just one click on the little X at the top corner of the screen isn’t difficult, and yet sometimes it is. I closed the screen and felt a nudge to make a different list. This list was to remind me of what I do have. I hadn’t forgotten—my focus was just on the wrong list.

Please join me at Candidly Christian where I'm sharing 3 steps I take to change my focus. They may seem like small steps, but they can make a big difference in our daily lives.

In Christ,

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The Illusion of Control

Several weeks ago I was frustrated. 

It seemed that no matter how much I got accomplished in a day it didn’t make a dent in all the things I didn’t get done. There were the usual everyday chores, errands that had to be run, home repairs that needed to be scheduled, all the holiday preparation, work, meals…you get the idea. And then someone would ask, “Hey, weren’t you going to _____?” It didn’t matter what it was because it was most likely on the list I hadn’t gotten to yet.

For a few days, I kept wondering why I couldn’t get more done in a day and I had to remind myself that I was doing the best I could. And that was enough. The demands I was putting on myself and letting others put on me were taking their toll.

I decided that if I’d done what I could to the best of my ability that day, then that day was a success.

And, if I decided something could wait so I could take a breather and some time to myself, then that day was not a failure, but also a success—because slowing down can be hard.

All of my running around was getting me nowhere and I had to take a step back to see that. Sometimes the pressures of the day-to-day make me lose sight of what's really important…

What was God was asking of me?

In Christ,

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