3 Steps to a Change of Focus

Last summer I went through a season—the kind where sadness wasn’t a stranger. It wasn’t an emergency situation. I also felt happiness and joy, love and a sense of accomplishment, and I was active and present where I was. But, I knew the anniversary of the loss of a loved one and stressful situations had me feeling down…and I knew that in time it would pass.

I was reminded that actions and activities can either contribute to, or help improve, melancholy when I scrolled through Facebook one morning. I was already feeling low, for reasons I had on my mental list, when I started seeing photos of close friends with narratives of deep friendship and I felt a familiar sense of longing.

As I started adding to my mental list of complaints I realized I had to close out of Facebook. Just one click on the little X at the top corner of the screen isn’t difficult, and yet sometimes it is. I closed the screen and felt a nudge to make a different list. This list was to remind me of what I do have. I hadn’t forgotten—my focus was just on the wrong list.

Please join me at Candidly Christian where I'm sharing 3 steps I take to change my focus. They may seem like small steps, but they can make a big difference in our daily lives.

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