March 26, 2018

When Routine Becomes an Idol

There's something about having a routine that's comforting. We can accomplish tasks without having to give them much thought and there are few decisions to make because we're used to a regular pattern.

It's normal for us to want to get back into a routine after a vacation or summer break. It's what we're used to.

But, as with anything, too much of even a good thing can have consequences. Like when keeping the routine becomes so important it keeps us from other things in life.

When does a routine become an idol? {Tweet this}

When it takes us away from family and friends because that time is not in the schedule.

When we miss out on an experience because we couldn't be spontaneous.

When we can't see God at work because we're too focused on keeping our schedule.

When the routine is interrupted and it ruins our day, and in turn, the day of those around us because of how the interruption affected us.

When we see a broken routine as a negative reflection and use it to beat ourselves up.

Having a routine isn't a bad thing. It's when it has control over us that it becomes a problem. {Tweet this}

When our routine takes precedence over everything else or when we expect others to constantly work around us, that's when our routine has become an idol.

In Christ,

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  1. Laura, there is much wisdom in this post. Even in our routines, we must maintain a healthy balance. We need to leave room for the Lord to change our routines as He sees fit. Blessings!

    1. Prayer for today - Interrupt me Lord, where You see fit. Thanks Joanne.

  2. Oh, goodness, this is such an easy trap to fall into. I struggle to let the changes that come with a ringing phone and the will of God shake me out of my rut. This post should be required reading for everyone over the age of 45.

  3. Oh, this really spoke to me, Laura. I am a woman of routine. Not long ago, I was asked (forced) to stray from my routine, and I wasn't a happy camper. I sensed God reminding me that people come before my carefully planned daily schedule, and your words felt like confirmation this morning. Thanks for writing this!

  4. Needed to read this today. Good reminder!

  5. Excellent post, Laura. Sharing on Twitter!

  6. You know, there truly is something comforting about having a routine, I'm visiting from FMF where I'm in the 45 spot

  7. EXCELLENT POST. I wrote something similar "once upon a time." EVEN something good can become a form of idol. GOOD STUFF, Laura.

  8. Such a wise point, Laura! Routine has definitely been an idol in my life before (more than I'd like to admit.) What freedom there is in serving God alone instead!

  9. Yes! I fight this all the time. My routines bring comfort to me--but I have to realize that they might not bring comfort to others in my family. I'm your neighbor at Holly's today :).

  10. Such valuable truth today. It can be so challenging to keep this in check, but it is so important. Thank you for reminding us!

  11. Oh, how true this is! I am one who likes to know what my day holds, and when my routine is mixed up, it can be frustrating! While I'm flexible when I know it's needed, it's the days when I don't see it coming that really gets to me! Thanks for this convicting truth! Visiting from #DestinationInspiration. :)

  12. Such great points, Laura. I can see how been fixated on our schedules and routines can cause us to miss out on what God wants to do it our lives. Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings to you.
    Visiting today from Encouraging Word Wednesday.

  13. There is much wisdom here. I like routines too so this is a good caution to not let it become too important to me. I try to leave margin in my day so that when I am out on errands and run into someone, I don't have to rush away from them. Love, Amy

  14. "When the routine is interrupted and it ruins our day, and in turn, the day of those around us because of how the interruption affected us." Sadly - this was my testimony for far too many years (especially when my children were little) :( Giving my schedule and plans to Him every morning - allowing Him direct the day - makes such a difference!

  15. Oh boy this has always been a challenge of mine. I love routines. Such wisdom in your post.

  16. I do like routines, but it's so important to remember the points you made and not let them run us! Thanks for sharing!

  17. "When we miss out on an experience because we couldn't be spontaneous." Boy, I have had this happen a few times before. It was never a fun lesson. I certainly don't want to live my life this way...
    It is true that our routines can become an idol, if we're not careful. Great wisdom, Laura!

  18. Hi Laura, great truth here! Great post
    God bless

  19. Laura,
    You make such a great point here! We do get stuck in our routines, don't we! And how easy it is to allow them to become an idol in our lives!

    Thanks so much for joining me to share hope at #MomentsofHope!

    Blessings and smiles,

  20. I am very much a routine girl, and thankfully I am married to someone who lives spontaneously!

  21. Oh, yes. I love my routines. I needed to read this. These are wise words. Thank you for sharing at Grace and Truth last week. I would love to feature this post tomorrow!

  22. Great point that routine can become an idol. Thanks for sharing this post!


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