I Want to Be Teachable

A couple of years ago, I attended a writer’s conference. On the first night, after the main session, I approached one of the editors to ask about her breakout sessions the following day. She answered my question and we chatted for a minute. The following morning, she was in the hallway outside my hotel room when I stepped out to get breakfast. We greeted each other again and chatted for another moment.

Later in the day, between breakout sessions, I was signed up for a short meeting with this same editor. After assuring her that I was not stalking her, I waited while she read the writing samples I’d brought with me. I’d carefully chosen several different pieces, demonstrating different styles and lengths I’d written for different medias.

After reading them, she offered her feedback and gave suggestions for what her publication looks for. Then she said, “You’re teachable,” and explained that it’s one of the highest compliments she gives.

Being teachable means we want to keep learning, no matter what our interests are. It means we’re not afraid to step out of our comfort zone to try new things. And it says we’re not so full of ourselves that we can’t take constructive criticism because we think we already think we know everything. {Tweet this}

That compliment made me smile and I kept thinking about it long after the conference. I want to be teachable, not just in writing, but in life.

I want to be teachable in following Jesus. Don’t you? {Tweet this}

Please join me at Candidly Christian where I'm sharing 3 ways to be teachable in I Want to Be Teachable.

In Christ,

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  1. Wonderful post, Laura. As I get older, I am realizing how little I know :) The prayer of my heart is that I always remain teachable for there is yet so much I have to learn. Grateful to have stopped here this morning!

  2. How I love your words today. Thank you so much!

  3. Wonderful post! I especially love to be teachable we must spend time with the Teacher...an absolute MUST! His words have the power to change any heart or attitude!

  4. Hey Dear,
    Very Nice and striking Blog. Thank you for Sharing This Information and also for giving important knowledge. Very Useful.


  5. Just carving time out of your busy life to attend a conference demonstrates your willingness to be taught. Someday I hope to do that too!
    What a great opportunity to receive feedback from an editor!

  6. Being teachable is half (or far more) the battle! Great post.

  7. I'm with you, Laura. I want to have a teachable heart and inspire this trait in my children too!


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