Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Other Side

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing at Gloria Dei about the Land Between—when what used to be normal in our lives has changed, and what the future will be is unknown.

Today, I’m there talking about when we reach the other side of the Land Between. Whether it’s sooner or later, eventually, life settles down, and we can look back at where we’ve been and what we’ve gone through.

The question is…

When you look back from the other side of the Land Between, what do you see?

Is your relationship with God stronger than it was before? Or, have you realized that somewhere along the way, you stopped turning to God?

The Land Between is a perfect time for transformational growth to occur, and one of two things will happen—we will move toward God or away from Him.

Join me at Gloria Dei to read my post The Other Side. What do you see when you look back on your journey through the Land Between?

In Christ,


  1. I see Christ drawing me ever closer to Himself, through all of the trials of the journey!

  2. Hi Laura, these are good questions for introspection. Thanks for joining our Christian women bloggers directory.

  3. Heading over now, Laura - will leave a comment over there!

  4. I am still very much IN the land of in between... just keeping the faith to keep one foot in front of the other... because one step at a time is all that the Lord is letting me see. Sigh... it will be interesting to see what I eventually learn from all of this!

  5. Stay with Him, Elisabeth. As much as I would like to know more than what's one step ahead, I often think one step at a time is all I handle right then. Thank you for your comment. ~ Laura


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