Monday, November 11, 2013

Small Steps to Big Growth

Last week, I was at Gloria Dei talking about transformational growth—the changes God wants to make in us as we walk through the Land Between.

Today, I’m there continuing the conversation…

Transformational growth is God’s work, but there is something needed from us.

Our willingness.

We need to be willing to see God’s work in us through the struggles and trials in life. If we’re not willing, He won’t force the issue. But when we’re willing and open to His work in us…a whole new perspective on life becomes ours.

Transformational growth requires small changes. It starts with incremental growth.

God is asking Will you trust Me? If we answer yes, then are we willing to take intentional steps toward growing in faith?

Please join me on the Gloria Dei blog to continue reading as we talk about taking small steps toward big growth.

What small steps are you taking to deepen your trust in God?

In Christ,

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  1. This so true! A willing heart is essential and we need to trust His direction!


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