Friday, October 25, 2013

Looking Back at God’s Provision

Photo credit: Greenfleet Forester, May 2013
I’m over at Gloria Dei today talking about how our trust in God to provide is strengthened by looking back at how He has provided for us in the past.

Here’s the beginning of my post…
Have you ever noticed it’s sometimes difficult to see God’s provision until after the fact?
After we walk through the valley or make it to the other side of the land between, that’s when it’s easier to look back and see where God was at work. But while we’re in the exhausting day-to-day of the land between, it can be harder to see the ways God provides for us.
We know what we’re looking for. We already have in mind what we need or want God to do, and when we don’t see it, it’s easy to assume He’s not doing anything.

When you look back, is there a time in your life when you didn’t recognize God’s provision then, but you see it now?

In Christ,

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