Saturday, October 19, 2013

Emotional Meltdowns

I’m over at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church today, where we’re talking about the Land Between. 

Walking through grief, whether it’s grief from a life change or from dreams never realized, takes an emotional toll on us. We have complaints and questions for God, and over time, we end up in an emotional breakdown. 

The good news is, God invites us to bring all of it to Him.

The Land Between…life has been interrupted. What was normal is gone, and the future is unclear. Even in our grief, we must adjust to a time of transition and uncertainty.
We grieve over death, but we also experience sorrow and regret when there is a loss of a relationship (breakup or divorce), an unwanted change in lifestyle (loss of finances or home), or a change in family structure (child grows up and moves away).
Even when we know the change is coming, we grieve for the past. But there can also be regret over what might never be.
We may feel sadness or anger when what we hoped for in life doesn’t appear to be in God’s plans, and our dreams go unfulfilled…especially if we thought the dream was God’s plan.
Frustrated, discouraged, maybe even feeling lost in life, we have complaints and questions for God.
God, I thought this was Your plan for my life. Now what?!?
Really, God? One more thing?!? I can’t take any it more!
I’m barely staying afloat here, God. Where are You?!?
I miss ______. Why did You have to take ______ (him/her/it) away?
After a while, we are emotionally drained with nothing left to give.
Emotional meltdowns are not new to God….

I hope you’ll follow me over to the Gloria Dei blog to read my post in its entirety.

When have you experienced an emotional meltdown, and were you able to honestly share it with God?

In Christ,

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  1. I had an emotional meltdown on my blog today, and I was so encouraged by reading this post. Grateful that I am not alone in living this difficult journey called life.

    Pleased to become your newest follower!



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