Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Social Media Responsibility

I’m happy to be posting at 5 Minutes for Faith today where I’m talking about social media responsibility and our children. It’s a little different than what I usually write, but the subject is important.
I remember as a teenager having to program the VCR for my parents. It was new and tricky for them, but came naturally for me.
Today, as a parent, I’m now on the other side with social media. It seems every day there is a new app for yet another way to keep in touch. I find it overwhelming, but for the teens, and even much younger kids, downloading and setting up profiles comes naturally.
Like it or not, life has changed, and to keep up and protect our kids, we need to be aware of what they are doing online.
I’m not saying all social media is bad. In fact, when used wisely, it can be good. It helps us keep in touch with family and friends. It’s a way to keep up with the news, find new and interesting articles, and explore new hobbies. Best of all, it can be used to share the Good News of Jesus.
However, even when used with the best of intentions, it is easy to get sucked into a vortex of comparing and trying to keep up with others, and we get caught up in finding our identities in what others think, instead of what God thinks.

I hope you’ll follow me over to 5 Minutes for Faith to read my post in its entirety.

In the comment section, would share any tips or suggestions you may have for keeping our kids safe in the social media world?

In Christ,

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