Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Risk in Dreaming

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This week’s question:
What part of your dream feels the riskiest?

It’s not the dream itself that is risky.

Dream – a cherished hope; ambition; aspiration (Dictionary.com)

What’s risky is acting on it.

As soon as we step out of our comfort zones to work toward those dreams…that’s where the risk is.

Risk – exposure to the chance of injury or loss (Dictionary.com)

We risk people not understanding our dreams and criticizing them. We risk failure, either from it not working out like we hoped, or from lack of follow-thru. We risk rolled eyes and “whatevers” from those who don’t believe in God-sized dreams.

We risk putting ourselves out there…for all to see.

It’s personal. And when it’s personal, it’s risky.

When it’s personal, we can get hurt.

Leaving where we’re comfortable and putting ourselves out there…our thoughts, opinions, and work, for the world to see—and react to—that’s risky.

When the reaction is positive, we feel good. But a negative reaction can be a crushing blow, especially if it feels like a personal attack.

The alternative is to dream, but do nothing about it. No move forward means no rejection. No stepping out in faith means staying comfortable.


Doing nothing means we risk missing out on all God has planned for us.

God doesn’t grow a dream in our hearts so we can fail…but at the same time, it’s not so we can succeed on our own either.

We might make it happen on our own, but chances are we’ll still miss out on something in the process. You see, God has plans we know nothing about.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”
Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

When we rush ahead, we leave Him out of the dream, and we miss the journey He has planned.

That’s a risk I don’t want to take. Do you?

I planned this dream for you and I to experience together. Let me go before you and walk beside you.
~ God

Suddenly, stepping out in faith towards my dreams doesn’t seem so scary. In fact, it feels exciting.

And the fear of putting myself out there for the world to react to? I’ll keep taking that risk. In fact, right now…as I click “Publish” sending this out into the online world.

In Christ,


  1. "Doing nothing means we risk missing out on all God has planned for us." - yes this is so true...while it can be the easy way out at times...we would miss God's blessings that He has for us!

  2. "We risk people not understanding our dreams"... There are so many in my life that although they are being supportive, they do not understand. That mis-understanding causes me to question my dream, my calling but then I realize that I do have a group that understands and is here to lift me up. We are also here to encourage you and support you as you walk through to your dream.

  3. "It’s personal. And when it’s personal, it’s risky." so true Laura. It really does feel like exposing your heart to the world, right?

    So glad we can have this conversation and that God is in it. He is drawing us out of the comfortable places into the wild, risky world.

    And He is going before us as He always does.

  4. Just love that Jeremiah verse-I used it this week, too! God is ready for you to ask and to act so he can help you along with the plans he has for you. But we first must be willing to move out in faith, in spite of our fears. Thanks for the reminder to keep going in spite of the risks!

  5. Hi Laura, I just love this post. And this line: "God doesn’t grow a dream in our hearts so we can fail…but at the same time, it’s not so we can succeed on our own either." Yes . . this risk-taking is exactly what we are supposed to be doing, isn't it? I must lean on Him, not me. Thank you. So grateful to be buddied up next to you in the link-up at Jen's this week.

  6. "Doing nothing means we risk missing out on all God has planned for us."

    I could not have said that any better. I am scared of the calling, but more scared of missing out on what He has for me.

    Thanks for sharing today!

  7. You are such an encourager of God-sized dreamers, Laura! I'm so glad God made you. ... P.S. How did your ViBella party go?

  8. i just cannot even tell you how much I loved this post. It was so lifegiving and helped minister to right where i was at this week. Thank you friend whose writing makes me come alive


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