Thursday, May 9, 2013

Praising God Moment by Moment

Photo by Kelsey Rath
On January 1, 2013, I wrote about how the word Praise came to be my One Word for 2013. Knowing that God chose that word for me, I was all gung-ho to start the year. (To read that post, please click here: My One Word 2013—Praise)

But as you’ve probably experienced at one time or another, life sometimes gets in the way of good intentions. I haven’t written about my One Word since that first day of January, but I have thought about it every single day.

And I’ve had some very honest conversations with God.
“God, I know you gave me the word Praise, but I’m just not getting it! I don’t know what you want me to learn—what you’re trying to show me. Could you be more obvious? Please?”    
I don’t remember exactly what was going on the day of this particular conversation a few months ago, but I started to realize that I look at time in large chunks—the morning, the day, the week, etc. So, if I was having a rough day, I would remember it as a bad day, regardless of whether or not it was all bad.

I felt God moving me to look at shorter periods of time—moment by moment. And I began to see how He blesses my day, even on what seems like a really bad day.

Moment by moment, I find something to praise God for.

…a smooth morning while rushing to get out of the house on time.

…an unexpected opportunity for a heart-to-heart conversation with my daughter, no matter how busy the day is.

…the way God shows me grace when I know I’ve just disappointed Him.

…safe travel, even when bad weather tripled my commute time.

…an opportunity to stand up for what’s right, even when my knees were shaking.

It’s an ongoing journey—learning what it means to praise God…one that I know will never end.

But that’s okay.

I’m praising God for His patience with me.

And for repeating the same lessons over and over.

And over again.

How about you? If you have a One Word for 2013, how is it going?

In Christ,


  1. Dear Laura
    There was a time on my journey where our Pappa showed me that praise is thanking Him, and yet, so much more. It is a matter of a submissive heart leaning onto and into His life every second of ever day in complete dependence on His grace. That brings my heart in a place of admiration, wonder and praise.
    Much love

    1. I agree Mia, praising Him is thankfulness and so much Him all the glory and credit, thanking Him in advance for whatever He might do, praising Him for Who He is, not just what He does for me...
      It makes me smile to see you've stopped by and left a comment. :)

  2. My word for the year was Renew... and it's a longer, deeper process than I realized! I'm stopping by from Faith filled Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I didn't do a one word, but it is funny because every time I read a post about someone's word I think, "That could have been my word." I feel like that with yours. I often remind myself to breathe in air, breathe out praise. In any situation praise is possible, but so hard some moments. Blessings to you! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart

  4. I so agree with you. How can we live a life of true gratitude if we're not living in and really seeing the moments with clarity?

  5. I love your one word for the year. My focus is on being fruitful. I am amazed at how God keeps pointing me toward Scriptures and posts that expand my understanding of what it means.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I remember God telling me once, "Don't give the devil top billing!" I would have a good day, but at the dinner table vent to my family about the one bad thing that happened that day. My son wrote a beautiful song to the words "Whatever things are pure, honest...think on these things." God bless you today!

  7. This is good, Laura. Praising, giving thanks, hearts filled with gratitude for each moment that He gives to us. I am glad I came by for I needed this reminder too.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda


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