Wednesday, October 3, 2012

God Will Amaze Us

Welcome! I’m writing about Moses and the Israelites today on the Gloria Dei blog, as we continue to read through The Story as a congregation. Here’s the beginning of my post…
Are you familiar with the saying “It’s going to get worse before it gets better?” It’s usually said as a way to make us feel better…“This seems to be worse than it was before, but then it has to get better.”
Although they didn’t know it at the time, this certainly seemed to be the case for the Israelites in Egypt. 
The Lord told Moses to go talk to Pharaoh. Moses was obedient and went with Aaron to see Pharaoh. But later that day, life only got worse for the Israelites.
Pharaoh changed the rules. Instead of straw for the bricks being supplied, Pharaoh ordered the Israelite slaves to find the straw themselves and still make the same number of bricks as before. In other words, they had more work to do, with the same quota of bricks to be completed, in the same amount of time. And the slave drivers appointed by Pharaoh didn’t take kindly to the work not being completed on time.
Moses returned to the Lord and said, “Why, Lord, why have you brought trouble on this people? Is this why you sent me? Ever since I went to Pharaoh to speak in your name, he has brought trouble on this people, and you have not rescued your people at all.” Exodus 5:22-23 NIV
Moses was discouraged. The Israelites were discouraged. But where this lower story did not make any sense on its own, the upper story tells of God’s plan for His people.
To read how the Lord responded to Moses and my post in its entirety, please follow me over to the Gloria Dei blog… And if you would, let me know of your visit by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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  2. Interesting perspective Laura. God's ways do seem confusing at times but the end is always beautiful !

  3. Thank you for linking with us, Laura, and for sharing your words here... God bless you as you minister to God's people!

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