When God Goes With You on a Road Trip

When God goes with you on a road trip, He gives you a feeling of peace and excitement as you start out.

He makes sure you’ve already picked up your sister at the airport before you have car trouble.

And He sees that it happens while still in a major city, not on a small rural highway where you’re headed.

God keeps you safe by allowing you to get the car pulled over without stalling or causing an accident.

Then He slowly, but safely gets you and the car to the dealership service department 10 miles away…

The one that is open until 5 p.m.—on a Saturday…

Where you don’t have an appointment…

But are told “we’ll get you in,” even though it is a busy day.

God allows the diagnostic analysis to be completed in an hour, instead of the predicted hour and a half.

And “You can’t drive the car back to Iowa without the part being replaced” is followed by “I have the part.”

Once again, God makes His presence known when you’re ready to go in an hour, instead of another hour and a half and the cost is less than quoted. You’re told, “I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t had the part.” They had two.

You set out on the second half of your journey—two women and a girl.

On a narrow two-lane highway, the van in front you blows a tire. But God makes sure the driver stays in control, as do you while avoiding the debris.

And you know, without a doubt, God is traveling with you that day.

For when God goes with you on a road trip, you may be delayed, but you are not stranded.

You may be interrupted, but you’re not stopped completely.

You may be unnerved, but you are safe and taken care of.
Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you. Deuteronomy 31:8 NLT
Thank you God! You get the driver’s seat on every road trip we take!

In Christ,


  1. Hi Laura - this is beautiful and so true. We sometimes go through tough stuff but you can see God's maneuvering on your behalf. Imagine how it could be without Him. Great post
    God bless

  2. Isn't it JUST awesome that we can SEE God in all of our lives and the happenings surrounding us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Glad you were safe.

  3. Wow. Just awesome.

    I think all the delays would have been cause for a lot of frustration, but you saw through the delays to God's hand of Providence. Beautiful, Laura. Simply beautiful.

  4. Love the text in Deuteronomy which you shared. Hope you have a lovely holiday Laura :D

    P.S. I've moved blogs!

  5. I loved reading this post, Laura, and I am glad that the Lord was with you. I have seen His hand on our family. Once, even though we were stranded three days and another time five days.

  6. Laura!

    That was so beautiful...

    Hope you have a blessed 4th!

  7. Love this! Glad God was with you and so thankful He is with each of us as we journey this thing called life! Oh how we loves us so! Blessings this 4th!

  8. Great post. I am glad that God is always with us..

  9. God is with you when and where ever you are!

  10. The way you wrote that really was meaningful and touched my heart!

  11. This is beautiful, Laura! You painted a lovely word picture that is very touching.

    Thank you for sharing.



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