Saturday, May 5, 2012

Do You Know Who I Am? Study - Week 2

Welcome! We are in week 2 of our study of Do You Know Who I Am? and Other Brave Questions Women Ask by Angela Thomas. If you are reading with us, what did you think of chapter 1? What jumped out at you and what do you want to remember after the study?

We had some great conversation in the comments section last week. I hope we have a repeat this week!

Have a great week!

In Christ,

Week 2 – May 6—12
Please remember this is a suggested reading schedule. Don’t worry if you fall behind or read ahead. This is your study!

Monday/Tuesday—Read the first half of Chapter 2 “Do You Know I Am Invisible?...He Is My God Who Sees”

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Wednesday/Thursday—Read the second half of Chapter 2.

Friday—Reflect on the reading and spend time in prayer.

Questions to Ponder
  • Are there times when you feel invisible? Do you believe that God sees you? What can you do to change your thinking the next time you feel invisible?
  • On pg. 37, there are 4 ways of living in His sight. Is there one (or more) of the four ways that you already practice? Is there a way you can begin living in His sight? 
  • Do you practice a different way of living in His sight? Leave a comment on my blog to share and start a conversation.


  1. Very recently, my husband was facing one of the worst days of his life (there have been quite a few of these awful days these past 5 years)... I cannot go into any details due to legal technicalities but it is enough to say that it was a horrible, dark day for our family. Added to our deep upset was the fact that my husband was being hounded by the Press and Media who were desperate to photograph him, etc! I felt like my heart would break as I ached for what my husband was enduring this particular day.

    As I waited for my husband to return, I was praying regarding a word of encouragement which I believe the Lord gave me 5 years ago concerning our nightmare situation (when it first began). I was confused and extremely discouraged as this particular day seemed to mock me because what was happening was the complete opposite of the encouragement God gave me and left me reeling in confusion!

    I felt terribly alone as I waited for my husband... 'Desperately lonely, disappointed and feeling totally detached from God’ would be a better description! It was one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced (apart from one day 5 years ago)! If ever there was a time that I felt like I was 'invisible' to God – it was that day! However, I began to praise God despite my feelings and fears... I had no-one else to turn to who I knew would understand – only God. Even though it ‘felt’ like He didn’t know where I was or what was happening to us as a family, I was going to praise Him regardless. I did this in the car as I waited for my husband. There were men moving furniture out of a house just across the road from where I was parked, but I didn’t care what they thought or if they could hear me singing praises to God – I was desperate for God’s comfort and I was going to keep knocking on heavens door until He showed up (regardless)! “No God, you can’t let us come through this situation and not help us… You can’t – we have no-one to turn to for help who understands but you… help us – we need You.”

    I opened my Bible to see if I could find comfort and comfort came! I don't believe in ‘Bible Bingo’ (i.e. opening the Bible and hoping God will speak at whatever page you happen to open at); however, as I opened my Bible, my eyes fell on the following verse which was highlighted on the page (I don't remember ever highlighting it, but I suppose I must have done so some time ago) the verse is as follows:

    “Lord, how long wilt thou look on? rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling from the lions.” (Psalm 35:17).

    The Lord did indeed rescue my ‘darling’ from the lions (i.e. media and Press) on that particular day… I cannot go into details but the Press and Media were asked to move away as someone extended a hand of kindness in order that this happened (plus there was another act of kindness shown which I prefer not to share)!

    Whilst the word ‘darling’ in this verse is described as ‘my soul’ in some Bible versions, the KJV which I read from that afternoon stated ‘darling’ and I’m glad it did because I received comfort from this particular word and knew the Lord was right there with us in our horrible situation as a result!

    P.S. Please pray for us because we still walk through this horrible situation - pray the Lord's will be done and we remain faithful.

    1. Wendy, thanks so much for your comment! I am convinced that God will draw us into His Word and comfort us, even when we don't know where in the Bible to look. You said you don't remember highlighting the verse you referenced, so it wasn't one you went to often. Yet, it's the verse God led you to that day, and through it, He comforted you. I would venture to say He also strengthened you through the verse, and through making sure you knew He was there.
      I know how God works in my life, and I find it encouraging to hear how God is working in others' lives as well!
      Stick close to our Lord! I have you in my prayers.
      In Christ,

  2. Thank you Laura! You are precious!


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