Saturday, May 12, 2012

Do You Know Who I Am? Online Study-Wk 3

Welcome and Happy Mother's Day! 
We are in chapter 3 this week of Angela Thomas' book Do You Know Who I Am?


Week 3 – May 13—19

Monday/Tuesday—Read the first half of Chapter 3 “Do You Know I Am Trembling Inside?...He Is My Comfort.” I encourage you to journal your thoughts in your book or a notebook as you read.

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Wednesday/Thursday—Read the second half of Chapter 3.

Friday—Spend time in prayer and reflect back on key parts of the reading that made an impact on you.

Questions to Ponder
  • Do you have a favorite Scripture verse you turn to for comfort?
  • Has there been a time you were able to comfort someone after you received comfort from God?


  1. Happy Mother's Day!

    Will be back later in week re: the online study!

    I'm really loving this study and finding your questions helpful re: making me delve deeper!

    Will email you tomorrow regarding my promise! Worked on the pics last night (Saturday)!

    1. Looking forward to it, thanks Wendy!

  2. Yes, there has been times when I have been able to help to comfort others with the same comfort I have received from God. This past 5 years have been very difficult for my husband and I but a blessing in the sense that I would never be able to empathise genuinely with others had it not been for this personal storm! I tend to share the lessons the Lord has been teaching me in the midst of our situation on my blog. "Comfort, comfort My people" has become one of my personal motto's as well as "pass it on" (i.e. share the blessings of the Lord with others).

    1. I'm a little late this week, but I just posted an experience I had with comforting someone after God comforted me. Thanks for your comment Wendy!


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