3 Prayers for Today

I think a lot about manna. You know, the unidentifiable food substance God provided for the Israelites in the desert. Every morning, it sat on the ground with the morning dew and the Israelites were to gather just enough for that day.

Every day, God gave them what they needed, just enough for one day at a time so the Israelites would learn to rely on Him for their every need.

I think of manna at the end of the day when I’m not sure how I had enough strength and energy for the hard stuff I dealt with.

The tough conversation…

The disappointments…

All the ways in which I was stretched beyond what I could handle on my own….

And yet, with God’s help, I made it through.

Manna reminds me that day-by-day, my needs will be met. It may not be the way I would like (the line between want and need often gets blurred), but God knows, and I’m still learning to trust and rely on Him.

Manna is a reminder that worrying about “what-if” and “how-will-I” for the future gets me nowhere. I need to focus and look for what God is doing today. {Tweet this}

Manna leads me to pray 3 prayers. For today. And every day.

3 Prayers for Today

Lord, let me see You today.

Whatever our day looks like, God is present. On those days when we’re distracted and all we can see is what we’re facing, we have to intentionally look for Him. I’ve been reminded of His presence in the way the morning sun beamed down through the clouds as I drove to work, unexpected flowers on a plant that rarely bloomed, and the way a text or email from a friend came at just the right moment.

These may seem small or insignificant, but when we’re looking for God, they’re gentle reminders that say I AM here.

Lord, give me the strength and energy I need for today.

Just as we ask Him to provide daily provisions, like food, clothing, and shelter, I know I need His help in other ways to get through each day. I need to rely on His strength, His energy, His compassion for others, and His grace.

Jesus was always in direct contact with His Father. We need to be too. Quiet time with God grounds me and helps me focus on Him, instead of all that is going on around me. A quick prayer before we act—Lord, give me the words to speak or Lord, show me how I can support her—helps us see others through His eyes, rather than through our own.

Lord, guide my steps today.

When life feels difficult, I know that even though I can’t see what’s ahead, I need to keep doing the next thing. The problem is sometimes I don’t know what that next thing is. I know what I want to see happen, but it might not line up with God’s plan. I need Him to guide my steps and show me where my attention and focus should be.

Allowing myself to be led by Him (even on the days when I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything) may open my eyes to something He wants to show me that I’ve been missing. Or it may lead me to the rest and relaxation He knows I need.

But even better, it will draw me closer to Him as I wait on Him, lean into Him, and depend on Him. Today. And every day.

In Christ,

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  1. So often we look at God's provision and say, "What is it?" just like the Israelites. Thanks, Laura, for this invitation to take today's manna with gratitude and a lot less second guessing.

  2. Yes! Yes! I love the "Let me see you" prayer! I've been asking this question for about a year now, "What are you doing around me, and how should I respond?" Boy, do these kind of questions change our perspectives! Thanks for this today, Laura!

  3. Hi Laura, wow, such a profound and confirming post. This is exactly what our pastor preached on on Sunday past. Great reminder for me today that God will look out for all my needs, TODAY! God bless

  4. Laura, thank you for this reminder to focus on today. Tomorrow, the Bible tells us, will take care of itself.
    Blessings to you!

  5. Sharing this with a friends whose husband just lost his job. God has this! #porchstories

  6. I love thinking about manna too. It really helps me to know God sends me enough grace each day for that day!

  7. Great post Laura,
    We definitely need to follow as God leads & not walk ahead of Him in our own foolish wisdom!!A good reminder! Thank you.

    You're most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration anytime!

  8. Laura, Beautiful truths you have written. Although I would not want to go back to the time when I was dependent on God for every step and breath I do miss that closeness with God. I seem to let life get in my way of my dependence.

  9. Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth LInk-Up.

  10. Laura, I so appreciate the reminder to pray for and accept God's leading! In the book, The Story of With, Allen Arnold talks about this very thing...getting up each morning with expectation of what God, our Father has for us and asking Him to help us allow Him to guide us because we are not orphans trying to find our own way, but daughters and sons who have a good, good Father to lead us. Loved being here to start my day:) Hugs!

  11. Laura,
    I loved this post today. Thank you for sharing it with the #GraceMoments Community. I am sharing your words as one of my selected posts. I needed this reminder to ask for sight, strength and steps ( sometimes minute by minute). :)


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