Sunday, June 21, 2015

Energizing Fear

Fear might be one of the most powerful weapons in Satan's arsenal.

It steals dreams and undermines skill.

Fear holds us back, often regardless of God's nudge forward.

Fear commands attention, both physically and emotionally.

And then we have a choice to makegive in to it or move forward despite it.

The choice to let fear control us...or to take control of the fear.

What if we defeat fear with a few first steps?

1 - Identify where it's coming from.

Is there a legitimate danger to be aware of? A warning to be heeded? A real sense of being in harm's way is not the same as anxiety felt over the what-ifs of a situation. Yet, the word "fear" can be used for both.

2 - Pray.

Satan uses fear to keep us from what God has planned. I often have to remind myself that times I feel most under attack might be the very times God is working on something big. If I give in to the fear, I might just miss what He has planned.

3 - Ask God for guidance and wisdom.

How can we step forward in faith without rushing ahead of where God wants us right now? Sometimes I don't realize I've rushed ahead until I turn around and see I've been going it alone. Maybe fear is a reminder to make sure we're walking with God, not speeding past Him.

Satan uses fear against us, but perhaps instead of letting it slow us down, we can let it energize move us forward in all God has planned for us.

Where has fear held you back in the past? Where might it be trying to control you now?

In Christ,


  1. Great words on fear Laura! I love how you call us to let fear energize us instead of paralyze us. In the process of facing our greatest fears we will instead turn to bravery. Barbie and I are blessed that you are part of The Weekend Brew community.

  2. Thanks for sharing practical steps! Stopping by from FMF.

  3. I love how you included the steps to overcome fear. They are so simple yet needed as part of the process.

    My favorite line, "Maybe fear is a reminder to make sure we're walking with God, not speeding past Him." Oh, so good!

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Fear is something I've faced head on this past year, and still contend with on almost a daily basis. I am thankful God can use my fear to energize me and propel me forward. I've missed you Laura. Have a blessed week!

  5. Hi, Laura!
    I'm using scriptural declarations to combat fear in my life, especially my thought life. It helps me obey and go when God says to! The enemy is such a liar!

    Have a great day.
    Your neighbor at #RaRaLinkup

  6. I'm always drawn to posts on fear because I STILL struggle with it after many years of asking God to remove it. But I do see God is making progress in me, and I praise him for that. I will continue to follow these three strategies you lay out of identifying the source, praying, and asking God for wisdom! Thanks, Laura.

  7. "Maybe fear is a reminder to make sure we're walking with God, not speeding past Him."
    I had to write this down in the back of my Bible, Laura, as your quote. That's such a freedom statement to be claimed! Amen!
    Glad I got to stop by from #CoffeeForYourHeart

  8. Where has fear held me back? So many places where I could have reached out and fed Jesus, or given Him water. Fear took away my desire to search for Jesus when I really knew Him not, but so wanted to. Fear had control and I let it. But I am so grateful that I can recognize fear far better now and also know that Jesus is always with me.

  9. Good points here, Laura. I had a consultant say last week our urge to control things rises from a fear. Identify the fear and the need to control lessons. I never before equated those two before. Interesting post!

  10. Great advice here Laura. You have me challenging myself a little. Thank you. I think I needed this. God bless you!


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