Monday, June 8, 2015

Change and Vulnerability

It's been a long time since we've had someone who couldn't basically take care of themselves living in our house. We don't have small children, our elderly cat passed away years ago, and fish don't count, although they lived into their senior years and are gone now too.

We don't make decisions willy-nilly. We discuss, think about, research, and discuss some more...often to the point of ridiculousness. And...we've finally decided it's time to get a kitten.

Funny thing is, despite all the preparing, I'm finding myself a little scared with all of the what-ifs. What if she gets sick? What if she doesn't like it here? What if she destroys the house?

Like with anything, there are questions and particulars to be worked out. I'm used to the way things are, and now there will be changes and someone new to take care of.

Change can be worrisome, but it can also be awesome.

Maybe the scariest thing about change is that it leads to vulnerability...the unknown, the what-ifs, and all of the feelings and emotions that go with that.

Open hearts are vulnerable. Closed hearts are safe.

Open hearts grow and experience life. Closed hearts wither over time.

Open hearts risk getting hurt. Closed hearts are already hurting...they just don't always know it. [Tweet this]

Living vulnerable can be scary, but I think the alternative is more frightening.

So, we're making this little change, and despite the inevitable things we’ll do wrong, there will be so many more things we do right. And it will be good.

In Christ,


  1. Your words are right on time for me this week Laura. They echo my hearts cry to live courageously. "Open hearts grow and experience life. Closed hearts whither over time." Here's to a lifetime of working that heart muscle through faith and action. You are the #GiveMeGrace Wordsmith of the Week!

    1. "...working that heart muscle through faith and action." What a great way to put it! Thank you for choosing my post for the Wordsmith of the Week!

  2. Laura, such a great post! These words especially: "Closed hearts are already hurting...they just don't always know it." I am by nature very loving and open hearted, but I have had my share of hurt in the past two years. At times I want to will myself to harden my heart some. Your words though are such a good reminder that I need to leave my heart open to experience true healing. Good luck with your new kitten!

    1. Thanks for your comment Julie! I know that feeling of wanting to build a wall to keep from getting hurt. You make a good point about leaving our hearts open for true healing. God bless!

  3. What beautiful words. Past hurts close a heart up to keep it safe, I always need the reminder to open it up and be vulnerable. I want to experience all life has to offer to the fullest. Thank you for your words.

  4. We had a dog thrust upon us last year when my son had to relocate to a new job. It wasn't in our plans at all and we weren't too thrilled about it. Now a year later, we couldn't imagine not having "Copper" our Beagle. We love him. Pretty cool how that happens.

  5. Beautiful. It reminds me of the C.S. Lewis quote where he talks about how the only place our heart can be absolutely safe from being hurt is when it's closed, shut off from the world and other people (which ultimately, he says, is Hell). Thanks for this challenge to be vulnerable to change and willing to take things as they come!

  6. It's easier not to bring anything new or potentially troublesome into our lives--easier, but not better.
    Thanks for making me think, Laura.

  7. One of my favorite quotes is, "If nothing ever changed, we wouldn't have butterflies." And a lot of other things, of course, but butterflies are a JOYful reminder of the concept of change, and how it can be beautiful, to me. Your post is a sweet reminder, too, Laura, thank you.


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