Sunday, July 5, 2015

What You Do Matters

You know those busy, hectic days that end—and you feel like nothing you did mattered? Yeah, those days.

Those are the days we need to remember...

God sees. He knows.

What you do matters.

Others may or may not notice, but God notices—everything you do, every single time. He sees you.

Tomorrow will be a new day. And what you do will matter.

In Christ,

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  1. Your short, sweet post struck to the heart of my struggle this week in feeling underappreciated. It reminded me that it doesn't matter whether "man notices" because God sees and knows my service to others and my heart in that service.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement!

    1. Thank you Karen! It came completely from a not-so-great day I had myself. God definitely sees and knows!

  2. I love your sweet thoughts on God seeing us. I am reminded of the name of God El Roi the God who sees! Stopping by from Reflect.

  3. So much AMEN here and something I needed to hear today. Blessings!

  4. A short posted packed with much needed words! Thanks for sharing, I am blessed to be your neighbor at #sharinghisbeauty

  5. Amen! Short but filled with so much truth. <3 a

  6. What a wonderul comfort :)

  7. So grateful for the reminder that all we do matters to our God. Thank you for this lovely word!

  8. Your post shows us that we don't need to type hundreds of words to bless someone. Just a chosen few will do the trick! I loved this.

  9. Short but sweet. We matter. :)


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