Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When You Doubt What You’ve Done As a Mom

Attention germs, viruses, and bacteria: get out. You’ve invaded my home and our lives, and you’ve stayed too long. Get out.

I no longer think of the funny little Mucinex mucus guys (from the commercials) or envision you germs gathering to par-taaay in one of us. Get out.

There have been long days at home with little relief. Too many doctors’ appointments, prescriptions and over-the-counters. And now too many missed assignments and projects.

And you, enemy—don’t think I don’t know your part in this.

As a mom, I’ve done what I thought was best, and now I’m getting calls, questions, and looks. And I’m feeling sick wondering if I should have been tougher and meaner. If I should have ignored the rules and let illness attend school.

You’re making me question my mom instincts and think I should’ve done differently. The world is making me doubt myself as a mom—and I know who’s behind it—you—the enemy.

I’m on to you—taking advantage of tired moms everywhere, worn down by illness and winter—making us even more irritable and unsure of our worth as moms.

And we’ve had enough. Get out!

I’m taking a stand against you Satan. I refuse to believe you and your lies because God’s truth overrules you every time.

Anyone with me?

In Christ,


  1. Very true Laura and we must take a stand against the enemy and his lies with the truth which is in Jesus. linked up just after you in Thought Provoking Thursday.

  2. Amen, sister, amen!!! GET OUT, Satan (stupid jerkface!) He loves to toy with our mama hearts... and it is a tender place.

    Praying for you, lady... Thanks for participating in #EverydayJesus.

  3. "I refuse to believe you and your lies because God’s truth overrules you every time."

    Amen to this, Laura. If I would just really, really believe what God says as 100% truth, I imagine my attitudes would be so different. More faith, Lord! Praying for full recovery for all in your family. I'm sure you've been an awesome mom through it all!


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