Sunday, March 2, 2014

Exploring God’s Word

When I was a kid, I remember receiving a new Bible in Sunday school class. We promptly put paper dust covers on them for protection and learned how to look up a verse.

I never, ever wrote in my Bible—I’m pretty sure that was a rule—a rule that was deeply ingrained in me. I know this because it was painful when a few years ago I decided it was time to start making notes and underlining verses in my Bible.

What’s taught to us is hard to overcome because I had to restrain myself when I watched my daughter highlight a page in her brand new Bible. I may have quietly hyperventilated, but I wasn’t going to squash her excitement.

She was in her Bible, highlighting as she read—and she was reading more than a few verses. She read one book after another and told me why she chose each one, and which one was next.

She was exploring God’s word and sharing with me the verses that captured her attention. My heart swelled, and at the same time…I wish I had been like that at her age.

I wish I had been encouraged to read and ask questions, but I think times are different now.

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What's been your experience - do you find that searching for more and asking questions is now more acceptable than maybe it once was?

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  1. I remember being that age and underlining in my Bible. I didn't have highlighters but I would take a pencil, and a ruler, and carefully underline my "favorites" as I read. I still have that Bible, 40 years later. You are training up a child in a wonderful way, to fall in love with the Word of God!

  2. Wow, cheering for your daughter, Laura (and for you...for refraining from chastising her!). I wish I'd been like her, too (in fact, I wish I were more like her now, to tell you the truth).

    Thanks for linking up with #HearItUseIt this week.


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