Friday, February 21, 2014

We Are Not Defined By Our Mistakes

In a recent conversation in the office, we were laughing that no matter how many times we proof a document, it seems a typo or error will be found just after the e-mail has been sent or 1,000 copies have been printed.

“I always wonder what mistake I’ll be remembered for,” someone remarked. Light-heartedly, I said, “We are not defined by our mistakes.”

But, as I walked away I kept thinking about it. Isn’t that something we all need to be reminded of?

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The enemy will try to tell us are mistakes are who we are. But God trumps the enemy every time, and He says we are not defined by our mistakes.

Has there been a time you feared you would be remembered for a mistake you made? From the other side, do you remember others for the mistakes they make?

In Christ,


  1. All I can say is Praise the LORD that we aren't defined by our mistakes... What a choking, sad life that would be. Glad we can laugh at (most) of them and soak up His grace for all of them :-) Great words, as usual my friend.

  2. Mercy Said NO. Love this post!! Thank you for being part of our Recommendation Saturday family! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3


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