Monday, January 27, 2014

On Learning to Unwrap Ourselves by Amy Hunt {Comparison Series}

My guest today in our "Comparing Ourselves to Others...and what it does to us" series is Amy Hunt. Amy and I "met" through Holley Gerth's God-sized Dream Team, and have been getting to know each other better over the past months. Amy's desire to live life As. It. Is. is inspiring to me - not trying to live as someone else, but just as ourselves - who God made us to be. Please make some time to visit Amy on her blog at A Rock for Him, and please welcome her here by leaving a comment ~ Laura

I picture a horse with side blinders on and wish I could have that kind of limited view. It can be too distracting to see around me—too suffocating and too depressing.

Some people are quicker on their feet, a skill I haven’t (yet) developed; for some this is a true gift. Others do cute crafty things, and do what they can to make life fun for their kids. And then there are those who seem to have the green light to pursue things that ache in their heart.

I’d be the one to not fit underneath even one of these categories if you lined four of us up. I’d stick out and be told: Don’t worry, you’re normal. What I’d hear is: You’re average . . . in academics, in looks, in athletics, in shoes and clothes . . .

I wasn’t born to a dignitary and nor will I (likely) inherit lots of wealth. I haven’t accomplished what so many others have, or even served in amazing places and ways. Honestly, I don’t even give remarkably much more than my blood.

Average has defined me because of how I (and they) have defined You.

I thought there was nothing particularly special about me. I thought that I just blend in. And I thought that if I hid no one would notice and nothing would be missed. 
Truth always wins out. And it’s bigger than we can ever be.
So when I was called to come out of all my cave hiding and Me avoiding, I realized that I am noticed. I’m not needed, per say; God can do so much more without me. I am wanted and purposed, and that’s no small thing.

You’re special because you are one of a kind. That’s truth, not just a cute thing to say. It’s not because you measure up in some way or that you’re better than they.
You’re important simply because you exist.
We base our thoughts and our feelings on comparison, constantly pining for a benchmark other than letting our heart have its own voice.

I wish we all would believe our very selves and lose the could’ve and would’ve kind of living, and the if only we were . . . kind of mourning.

Comparing my life with others has squelched dreams and most of all: Hope. I’ve let what you (and others) think, define what I think. (And most of the time I haven’t known for sure what you really even think.)

Energy has drained out of me as I’ve watched you being you and stepped up to my days as someone I’m not. I’ve told myself my dreams don’t matter and put a thumbtack in even caring about what I think.

The desire my heart has most is for us all to just Be – As. We. Are . . . to accept our life as it is . . . to live our passions versus dismiss them. 

I picture ourselves as a living magazine willing to be boldly splayed on the front cover, the beauty that we are.

I picture our uniqueness being what we treasure, and our focus being flip-flopped from comparing to something a little bit more caring.
It’s worship to live this way—to honor our true and Real selves.
We bring God an offering when we live as we are. He gifts us with another day and we gift Him by unwrapping it and receiving it with our full selves.

What excites me isn’t what excites you. I’m so glad for what I see from my uniquely created perspective. When I fail to embrace me, I’m neglecting the joy that was created specifically for me.
Your joy isn’t my joy and my joy isn’t yours, and that’s a Holy designed thing.
The Enemy tries to steal, kill, and destroy . . . and when we compare, we do the very same thing as he. We think we deserve different or most of all, should be different, when really . . . we were created with a deliberateness that we are dared to discover.

So let’s each get back to our own thing. Let’s wholeheartedly live our very own story and not even kind of compare . . . we waste time when we do that, when we could have been waking to grace.

Let’s just Be. As we are.

this is our worship.


A God-sized dreamy-ideas girl, Amy is passionate about seeing and declaring Real worship lived out. She lives in Central New York with her groom and their Boy-Man who are known to make her belly laugh most days. An early-morning riser, Amy is a sky-adorer and runs hills mostly just for the view. 

As a mess constantly in need of grace, Amy trusts all is purposed and all is grace, as she is learning to pursue hope in spite of the risk. Follow Amy on Twitter.


  1. "I’m not needed, per say; God can do so much more without me. I am wanted and purposed, and that’s no small thing."

    I love this!

    Yes, God could certainly accomplish His plan without me. Yet, He loves me, makes a place for me to be a part of His plan...and even predestined me for that purpose, before the foundation of the world.

    What an amazing God!

  2. Thank you Amy, for sharing your heart and words here this week!

  3. "We bring God an offering when we live as we are. He gifts us with another day and we gift Him by unwrapping it and receiving it with our full selves." Beautiful word picture, Amy! And what a beautiful gift you have given us by sharing these thoughts with us. Blessings!

  4. Powerful stuff, Amy. "Let's just BE. As we are."

    Um, AMEN!!! Love this ALL.

    PS: Also thanks Laura for linking up over at #EverydayJesus... I love reading your posts in person and not just via email :-)


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