Tuesday, August 20, 2013

God Can Work Through You

Welcome! We are now in the last week of our study of Embrace Grace by Liz Curtis Higgs…Chapter 8 “Embrace Grace…What a freeing experience!”

Throughout the Bible, God has worked through, not independent of people. If you look at some of God’s chosen in the Old Testament, they were certainly flawed in one way or another.

Just like us today.

He didn’t choose to work around these flawed and sinful people, but through them.

Just like He does today.

God knows our sinfulness, and yet chooses to cover us in His grace. He rebuilds us, with our faith and trust in Him growing stronger than before.

And then…He wants to work through us.

Who did God work through to reach you?

He knew who to bring into your life at just the right moment. Maybe it was someone you could relate to, or someone you looked up to. Did that person tell you what you needed to hear? Or simply love you for who you are?

Often, it’s in hindsight when the dots can be connected, and you can see how God brought someone into your life and why.

And now, He may be moving you into someone else’s life.

If you’re like me, you may question what you have to offer, unable to see how God can use something from your life to help another.

We may not know now, but God knows, and He will reveal it at just the right time—His time.

I didn’t know how He could use the emotional and physical pain of a miscarriage. Years later, I didn’t talk about it often, and when I did, I still got choked up and tearful.

It didn’t seem like something He would bring good from…until I knew another woman experiencing the same. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to comfort, not by telling her I knew what she was going through, but by just saying, I understand and I’m here if you want to talk. And she did.

I never thought my trying to juggle a small child and working outside the home could help someone else. I never even felt like I had it together during that time.

But many years later, a new mom stopped to see me and she asked me how I did it. She needed to talk, and I could listen and offer suggestions from my experience. I didn’t think more about it until later, when she thanked me. It was what she needed.

As I began to see how God can and does use what we go through to comfort others, I knew He would do it again. It doesn’t lessen the pain of a situation, but it does bring comfort in knowing He has a plan, and He can and will bring good from all things to those who love Him.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

We connect with people in different ways based on what we have in common, age, experiences, etc.

God might work through one person to reach you in a way that no one else will. And God will work through you to reach someone—someone who may not connect with anyone else.

But through you, God reaches her and changes her heart.

Are you willing?

No matter what we think, God can work through us. But we have to be willing to follow His lead and open ourselves up to the work He wants to do through us—and in us.

You see, there’s healing through letting Him use us for His purpose.

He heals us while He enables us to comfort others.

And the fact that He covers us in His grace and then says we have a place in His Kingdom work—it’s too incredible to even put into words.

Don’t underestimate what God can do in you…and through you.

If you feel comfortable, would you share a time when God worked through your pain to help another?

In Christ,


  1. My best friend believes at least one of the reasons she went through infertility and a subsequent surgery was because about a year later I went through some of the same infertility and a similar surgery. Helping does heal. And Romans 8:28 is my all-time favorite verse! Thanks for writing these words for us to read.

  2. After care giving for my own parents, a good friend confided in me she had never grieved for her own Mom. When the series of Grief Share books were delivered to her mailbox, she in turn returned them to the church office. She didn't need them. Her feelings of loss, her Mom's quality of life at the end, and her lack of constant companionship with her mother due to snowbirding, left her without the ability to grieve. Four years later, over coffee, she asked to have the Grief Share books sent to her again. This time, she was ready. I was ready too, to share my grief with a friend.

    1. What a blessing for each of you that your friend knew she could still come to you after 4 years, and that you were able to help each other through the grieving process. Thank you for sharing Barb!

  3. Yes, I want to be used by God for His purposes. Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home this past week.


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