Friday, August 16, 2013

Does My Behavior Outside the Church Support My Claim?

Welcome! I’m excited to be posting for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church today in collaboration with a new three-week sermon series…“A New Reformation.” 

Today's post is Part One of a two-part post. Join me on Monday for Part Two…Does My Behavior Inside the Church Support My Claim?

Below is the beginning of Part One...Does My Behavior Outside the Church Support My Claim?
I keep hearing questions about church attendance.
Why is it going down?
Why doesn’t church attendance seem to be a priority anymore?
Why aren’t we attracting new members? While I think there are many factors, I wonder if part of the reason is how Christians are perceived by others.
In general, Christians are seen as judgmental, anti-almost-everything, and critical of anyone who doesn’t attend their church (and even some who do attend their church). This perception is reinforced through stories of religious extremes broadcast by the mainstream media. 
But what about right here, today—does my personal behavior tell others I’m a Christian?

I hope you’ll join me at Gloria Dei to read the rest of my post about our behavior outside the church. On Monday, I’ll be posting Part Two about our behavior inside the church.

In Christ,

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