My One Word 2013—Praise

Are you familiar with One Word 365? It’s a campaign to forget the New Year’s resolutions, choosing, instead, to focus on one word all year—intentionally keeping that focus in front of you every day.

It’s become quite a community of One Worders, sharing and encouraging each other along the journey.

2012 was my first step into the community. I chose the word Trust and it was a powerful year. (You can read about my year here: Trust—My One Word 2012.)

When I chose the word Trust for 2012, I also chose Hope for my One Word 2013.

That’s right, early in 2012, I chose my word for the following year. I like to plan ahead. (Don’t judge.)

So, early in December, I reflected on my year of Trust and I thought ahead to my next word—Hope.


The word was in my head, but I hadn’t been thinking about it. It was as clear as if I said the word to you. Praise.

I had a feeling God was telling me something, but I didn’t do anything about it. I had my word planned. Hope. It’s a good word.

Days later, the same thing happened. Again, I knew, but ignored it anyway.

Have you ever sensed God trying to get your attention, but you chose to ignore it? Uh-huh, that was me. Until one morning while I drove to work…

As I drove, I complained and vented to God. I was frustrated and upset about a situation involving a particular person, and I wanted God to do something about it.


Again? God, I’m not really in the mood for this right now.

Praise Me.


And then it clicked.

Imagine a light bulb moment, complete with stunned face (although I didn’t actually look in the mirror) and the feeling as if everything froze for that brief instant.

Oh, I get it now, God!

Immediately, I thought of what a blessing it was that I could talk to God about what was bothering me. And I felt thankful I could do that. Thankful that He’s always there to talk to—no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

In that short drive to work, I let go of Hope as my One Word for 2013 and I embraced Praise.

What I’ve already realized is there is always a reason to praise God. I’m not saying praise for the terrible things we each have to endure in this life, but rather praise for who God is.

For His incredible, unimaginable, never-ending love He has for each and every one of us.

For the good He brings out of anything and everything.

For the way He draws us close by His side. And never lets us out of His sight.

Let all that I am praise the Lord;
may I never forget the good things he does for me.
Psalm 103:2 NLT

What’s your One Word for 2013?

In Christ,


  1. You know, my one word started of as being "hope" also! I couldn't believe it when I turned to your blog this morning and found the same kind of thoughts! However, the word "worship" has come more to the front of my mind and that is my one word for 2013.

    Was blessed reading your post... thank you for sharing your one word. Happy New Year Laura xx

  2. Laura, I love this word! THis is a great word for the new year! I am reading/implementing into my QT a wonderful book that I saved for January 1 called 31 Days of Praise - Enjoying God Anew by Ruth Warren. Maybe later this year you can check it out! One verse I was focused on this morning was Psalm 34:1 "I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. " That is my heart's desire and He makes it possible...despite the fact that I am unable for sure! Well I love and am excited for you with this word as God has shown me so much about it and I know He will show you great things! Can't wait to here! Happy New Year! Looking forward to the study!

    1. Laura correction- Book author is Ruth Myers! WIth Warren Myers...oops!

  3. What a wonderful word to focus on! May God bless you through this journey.

  4. This past year I began a journey of giving Him praise in the midst of painful circumstances. You picked a beautiful one my friend. Happy New Year!

  5. This is such a good word -- to have praise always on our lips only gives way to GOOD things. My one word is useful and I cannot wait to write about it.

  6. Last year my One Word came so easily...I knew it was NOW. This year, I couldn't settle. I was praying about Service, Intentional. Then about 10 family and friends gathered round today to pray and share our words. I even had them skip over me. Then it hit me. My word is Change.

  7. Love your word...and the process of it coming to you!
    Praying for all the ways it will unfold this year.
    My word is Stand- not a word I would initially pick.

  8. Praise Him always! Yes! What a great word. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed 2013.

  9. Praise him in the morning, praise him in the evening :) that song came to mind :)

    Love the idea of praising Him in ALL we do!!! YES!

  10. Such a beautiful, beautiful post and word. Thank you for sharing. My word is heart.


  11. Oh, Laura, I love this. I haven't chosen my "one word" yet, but I'm leaning in a couple of directions. Still deciding.


    I need to praise Him more. I know I do. He is so worthy.

  12. Dear Laura
    You have just convinced me to also join the one word community. "In Christ" has been my motto for so long ... not just as an concept, but as a daily living reality. Yes, dead one, let us all praise Him for no other reason, but Him being the Majesty of Love!

  13. Oh how I long for my 2013 word. My mind is empty. I seek, search, and pray. Monday I'll be posting about how my 2012 word STOP wrecked me. This is beautiful and such a great word!!! Blessings as you praise!!

  14. Don't you love how He knows us better that we know ourselves. I love your word for the year. Mine is filled based on Eph. 3:16-19.

  15. What a fantastic word to focus on for this year, praise. To praise the LORD in all things is so fulfilling and rewarding, I believe you will really be blessed this year.


  16. Praise is a beautiful word. Praise the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, praise His Holy Name! Blessings

  17. Laura, when I saw your word, I had to chuckle. That's the word I really, really wanted God to give me this year. It's such a beautiful word, and I can think of nothing more 'God-connecting' than praise. Alas, He, in His incredible wisdom, chose 'Fearless' for me...I'm a little scared to see where He takes me with it! Precisely, I'm sure, why He placed it upon my heart!
    Thanks for sharing this was beautifully written.
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

    I'm so glad you came by Mary @ Woman to Woman!

  18. I just loved this post Laura. Praise is such a challenge to me probably because it is what my name means ;-) I loved your personable honesty in sharing your advanced planning for 2013's word. I loved too how God changed it!!

    My word for 2013 is JOY (in case you noticed on my blog ;-) but now I'll have to check out that One Word blog. Thanks so much for linking up such a timely and uplifting post at the start of the year. You are such a blessing to my Linky Parties.

  19. Hi Laura,

    I just joined in on the One Word 2013 blog hop. I'm visiting from Create With Joy. You have picked a fantastic word to guide you into the new year! My word for 2013 is 'Embrace'. I hope you will stop by for a visit.

  20. I love God's persistence! In October I was fairly sure my word for 2013 should be healing (and I'm not good at planning so far in advance!). As I prepared to write my One Word post I tried on a different word, but I couldn't get away from the original one. So here's to 2013 and God's words!

  21. Laura, what a great word to share with us, Laura! "Praise" seems to have caught your heart and attention. So grateful to have you in the faith jam -- thank you for sharing your faith journey together!


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