Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exploring God-sized Dreams

God-sized dreams.

Do you have one?

Maybe you’re asking what is a God-sized dream?

Author Holley Gerth describes it this way…

A God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

I would add to that…

A dream God plants in our hearts…one that seems impossible—and would be…if it were left up to us to fulfill.

But that’s the thing about a God-sized dream…He doesn’t ask us to take care of it on our own.

Because it’s not about what I can do. Or what you can do.

It’s about what He wants to do in and through us.

And how He chooses to do that is up to Him.

But here’s the really cool thing…He wants us to be involved!

That desire you’re feeling in your heart that you can’t explain?

It’s from Him.

He’s planting that desire and growing that dream.

Wondering what you should do about it?

He’ll let you know. In His time and in His way.

Please don’t dismiss it because of nerves or fear because you won’t be going it alone.

He’ll go before you and He’ll walk beside you.

Every step of the way.
Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.
Deuteronomy 31:8 NLT
I invite you to join me here on Tuesdays, over the next few weeks. I’ll be writing about God-sized dreams and linking up, along with Holley’s team, on Holley’s blog HolleyGerth.com.

Come join us and explore the dream God may be planting in your heart.

In Christ,


  1. LOVE this Laura! Can't wait to journey along with you!!

  2. Great thoughts. God sized dreams will always take us out of our comfort zone. Thanks for linking this up today, Laura!

  3. Beautiful! What is your dream? Struggling through my words to get mine out there. I"m in a weird season of not knowing . . .

  4. Love the Deuteronomy passage. Such truth! Thankful for others to dream with. :-)

  5. This is so encouraging!!! I've let fear and disappointments hold me back for so long, but not anymore. Even if things don't turn out the way I hope, I will continue to move forward and keep dreaming.

    So thankful God doesn't plant dreams and then walk away to let us figure things out on our own!

  6. I think this will be a wonderful series. I look forward to reading both Holly and your writing re this as we all open ourselves up to God and His dream for us. Thanks for sharing

  7. Dear Laure
    I have found that even if we want to obey our PappabGod, we are not able to. Therefore I am so glad that He works His desires into our hearts and provides the ability to obey ... sort of obeying in and through us.
    Much love XX

  8. I love the words you added to the definition. So true! It's a joy to share this journey with you!

  9. Wonderful post! I'm so excited to be on the God-Sized Dream Team with you!

  10. I look forward to following along as your God-size dream becomes reality. I thought about writing a post, but I'm not even sure what my dream is. Only God knows.

  11. Sounds fabulous!! Looking forward to it!

  12. As always, your words ring beautifully in my ears! I'm excited to journey with you, my friend!

  13. I can't wait to walk along this journey with you and the God-sized dream team.

  14. So excited to see what God does in your life in the next few months!

  15. Thank you for sharing about God Sized Dreams and looking forward to what lies ahead in this series. Thanks for linking up last week over at WholeHearted Home. Hope to see you again tomorrow!!


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