Saturday, June 2, 2012

Do You Know Who I Am? Study - Wk 6

Welcome and thanks for visiting! We are in Chapter 6 this week of Do You Know Who I Am? by Angela Thomas.

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Week 6 – June 3—9

Monday/Tuesday— Read the first half of Chapter 6 “Do You Know I Am a Sinner?...He Is My Savior.” Journal your thoughts in your book or a notebook as you read.

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Wednesday/Thursday—Read the second half of Chapter 6.

Friday—Spend time in prayer and reflection. Is there anything you want to go back and review in the first half of the book?

Questions to Ponder
  • How can you be sure, even on a bad day, not to forget God’s goodness?
  • How can you show thankfulness, even when you don’t feel happy?
  • Is there something in your life you feel you need to change to stay away from sin?
  • What does God’s grace mean to you?

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  1. Re: Thankfulness

    IMHO thankfulness is is a choice - we can choose to have a good attitude and express thankfulness to God/others or we can choose not to. Sometimes, on bad days, thankfulness challenges our attitude and gives us opportunities for growth - or not at the case may be - it depends what we choose.

    Re: Grace

    I remember our minister telling us the following (which is one of his favourite sayings)

    G - God's
    R - Riches
    A - at
    C - Christ's
    E - Expense


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