Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Controlling Doubt

Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44) and he’ll do anything to get us to believe his lies. He wields his way into our lives, working to separate us from God.

“Our enemy knows if he can influence the way we think, then our thoughts will determine how we feel, and our feelings will shape how we live.” –Renee Swope, A Confident Heart

I started thinking about the times when I felt insecurity and self-doubt building and piling up on top of itself. Before I knew it, I was trapped under the heap of negative thoughts and insecurity. It was hard to change my focus and turn to Jesus for the truth.

However, there have also been times when I was quick to recognize that my thoughts were not of God. I was able to see it, turn to Jesus, and stop the enemy in his tracks before it brought me down that day.

So, what made the difference? Why was I able to recognize it quickly one day, but not the other?

As I pondered this, I remembered when my daughter broke her arm a few years ago. We were told to stay on top of the pain. As soon as it started to hurt again, she was to let me know so I could give her pain medicine. If we waited, the pain would get worse, and it would be harder to get control of it.

The days I’m able to recognize right away that the enemy is working on me are the days I’ve been in constant communication with Jesus. From the moment I wake up, I’m talking to Him.

Before you think I spend hours on my knees in prayer, that’s not what I mean. Yes, I pray throughout the day, but also talk to Him about anything and everything. Whether I’m asking Him what our plans are for the day, thanking Him for letting me see Him in some way, or confessing that I don’t know what I’m doing and need His guidance, I try to stick close to Him. With Jesus by my side, I’m able to stay on top of the negative thoughts and insecurity.

But there are days when I forget to include Jesus in my day. Without the constant contact with Jesus, I make myself an easy target for Satan. I’m rushed and busy, and I don’t see the attacks coming. Lies. Self-doubt. Insecurity. It builds up and weighs me down, and before I know it, I’m struggling to get control of it.

Now, it is never too late to turn to Jesus! However, I find it harder to turn my thoughts when I’m already spiraling down in negativity and self-doubt. But when I’m spending my day with Jesus, my focus is already on Him. I can react quicker, and I can pray God’s promises before the doubt makes itself at home.

Have a blessed week!

In Christ,

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  1. That constant communication is what is SO critical to our being able to live in the Spirit moment-by-moment, letting Jesus live through us. Thanks for sharing and for linking up!


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