Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Confident Heart Online Study - Week 7

Welcome to week 7 in our online study of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. It's hard to believe we're already more than half way though the study.

So, what has stuck with you so far through this study? A Scripture verse that's become a favorite? Something you've learned about yourself? A person or story from the Bible that has taken on new meaning for you? Please leave a comment sometime this week to share.

This past week I've been guest blogging for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. I'd love to have you stop by!
When an Injury Changes our Path in Life
Coming Back from Our Mistakes

Have a great week!

In Christ,

Week 7 – Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2011
Monday & Tuesday
  • Read Chapter 8 “When Doubt Whispers ‘I Don’t Have Anything to Offer.” Remember to underline or take notes on anything you want to remember and go back to. 
Wednesday & Thursday
  • Reflect on, and answer, the Discussion Questions at the end of the chapter. 
  • Spend time in prayer and reflecting on this week’s reading. 
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