Friday, August 26, 2011


What does it mean to you to be a witness of your Christian faith? As I read the last chapter of Rachel Olsen’s It’s No Secret I remembered what I used to think of when I heard of someone witnessing.

Flash back to one morning in college… It wasn’t yet 8:00 in the morning, and I was on my way to stop for coffee before getting to class. I encountered a man standing in my path waving a miniature sized New Testament Bible, yelling something about my going to hell. (See, if I’d already had coffee I might remember what he said.) But it didn’t matter. His approach was so offensive, he could’ve told me my hair was on fire and I wouldn’t have listened.

So, whenever someone said I should be a witness, I immediately thought there was no way I could stand on a corner somewhere yelling about Jesus. However, I’ve since learned that’s not what witnessing means.

From my NLT Study Bible…
witness, – a person who gives testimony (NLT Study Bible Dictionary/Concordance)

testify – to make a statement based on personal knowledge or belief; to give evidence or proof (NLT Study Bible Dictionary/Concordance)

Witnessing is telling what I know to be true. I know that Jesus Christ was crucified, died on the cross and buried; He conquered death when he rose from the grave. I know what Jesus has done in my life and how He continues to be with me daily. And I know that His life-saving grace is for everyone.

That’s how I can witness. I know I don’t always have the perfect words to say, but God uses them anyway. God will give us the confidence to speak boldly about His Son, Jesus, and then He does the work in the other person, and in us.

If you’ve been studying It’s No Secret by Rachel Olsen with me, thank you for joining me in this journey. I pray it’s been a blessing in your life.

In Christ,

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