Monday, August 1, 2011

Living Generously

In Chapter 5 of Rachel Olsen’s book, It’s No Secret, she talks about living generously. I have to admit that I sometimes struggle with this. I don’t consider myself obsessed with money and things, but yes, I do fret about finances and making ends meet.

I think about things like long term giving. For instance, when trying to make a commitment to give, I wonder if I’m leaving enough to cover the bills and extra expenses. What if something happens like loss of a job, an illness, or an injury? I trust God to provide, but I’m finding again that I have room to grow in this area.

A different question comes to mind and I wonder if you would chime in with your thoughts…How do we teach our children and grandchildren to live generously, while at the same time to be cautious and careful of organizations and individuals who are less-than-trustworthy?

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