Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's No Secret Study - Week 5

Welcome to week 5! How are you doing with our study of It's No Secret by Rachel Olsen? Below you will find this week's reading schedule.

God bless your week,

Week 5 – Aug. 14- Aug. 20, 2011
As you read each chapter, underline or highlight in your book any points you want to remember. You may also want to take notes in your book or a journal.

Monday & Tuesday
  • Read Chapter 9 “Turn the Beat Around: Revealing the Secret of Rest.” Complete the Bible Study at the end of the chapter.
  • Visit Laura’s blog at for the beginning of the week post. Leave a comment with your thoughts from the reading.
Wednesday & Thursday
  • Read Chapter 10 “Crave a Clear Conscience More than Clear Skin: Revealing the Secret Beauty of Confessing Sins” and complete the Bible Study.
  • Visit Laura’s blog at for the mid-week post. Leave a comment to the post with your thoughts from the reading.
  • Spend some personal time with God and reflect on this week’s reading. This day can also be used to catch up on the reading if you got behind.

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