Learning to Trust God

Several years ago we were at the beginning of a long walk through health-related issues with a loved one. It was recommended that we visit the Mayo Clinic, so we made the appointment and waited three months until the scheduled date. In the meantime, I worked with the insurance company to request the necessary preapproval.

When I finally received the letter, I was disappointed to read that our request had been denied. Disappointed isn’t the right word. My immediate physical reaction, without being able to control it, was panic—stomach in knots, hands shaking, light-headedness—panic.

While my body took longer to settle down, my mind knew immediately to turn to God. I prayed and told myself we had time, but more importantly, God had a plan. 

I consciously reminded myself of what I knew to be true—God had this under control. I didn't know how and it didn't matter. The more I prayed, the calmer I felt and that sense of peace stayed with me. {Tweet this}

And then one day, in a conversation, I caught myself saying, "I really hope I'm not wrong, but I have a feeling God has this under control."

Even while I was in the middle of the conversation, it troubled me… I really hope I'm not wrong?!?

Where was the confidence I'd had? Why was doubt creeping in if I really believed? {Tweet this}

Please join me at Candidly Christian to continue reading where I'm sharing three things to remember when learning to trust God.

In Christ,

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  1. It must be so difficult in your Health System Laura. We have a completely different system here in Australia...One I'm very grateful for.
    Heading over to read now,
    Bless you,

  2. Laura, I'm going over to complete the read. xo

  3. Oh, my goodness, this is such a great insight, Laura. I catch myself in the same place of tentative trust from time to time as well.

  4. And I thought waiting over the weekend for test results was a long time... 3 months! I find I spend a lot of time waiting on the Lord. But His timing is perfect! And in the waiting I learn to trust Him. Thanks for this wonderful reminder Laura and thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  5. Trusting God can feel hard in the moment, but when we look back we can see His beauty in the hardest places!


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