God Knows

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at a women’s event. There were around 70 women there and we talked about hope in the midst of difficulty.

When I finished speaking, I offered to pray for anyone who wanted to leave me a prayer request. Blank index cards were provided and each woman could write as much, or as little, information as she felt comfortable.

That afternoon, at home, I read through the cards. Some had names and details. Others had a simple sentence. Some were for themselves. Others were for family members and friends. I prayed for each as I looked through them, knowing that God knew exactly who I was praying for.

Earlier that morning, as I looked around the room of the event, decorated with quilts and flowers, and tables upon tables of food and sweet treats, I saw women with smiles. Women who looked happy to have a couple of hours to come together with other like-minded women. Women who didn’t look weighed down by life.

But, when I read through the cards, I knew that in the room that morning were women who were hurting. Behind the smiles were concerns and disappointments. There was the heavy weight of various diagnoses, loss of loved ones, difficult situations, and the desire to wait for God’s guidance.

It reminded me that we never really know what someone else may be struggling with. We don’t know if the smile is genuine or part of a mask, and we don’t know how deep someone’s pain may run. {Tweet this}

But God knows.

God knows when He intersects our paths that the one person you encounter today may be the very person who needs a kind word.

He knows when a story shared will be the encouragement someone needs to keep going and to know that she’s not the only one struggling.

He knows that a common experience may be the beginning of a new friendship.{Tweet this}

And He knows that when He brings us together, there is a strength we can draw from each other…even when we don’t know or realize it for ourselves.

In Christ,

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  1. Dear Laura, thank you for the gentle reminder that we frequently don't know what lies behind the masks of others. As Christians, I think we sometimes struggle with transparency. Perhaps the intersections are evidence of God's trust in us as He ministers through us. Blessings for your day.

  2. Laura, this is a thoughtful post. I'm going to speak at two events this fall, and I will use this suggestion to collect prayer cards. What a great way to minister to those ladies you met!

  3. So true. Thanks for the reminder of deeper needs.

  4. It's good to know what's happening behind the smiles. As I prepare to teach, I often ask God to help me to think through the stories of the people who will be hearing my words. It changes the way I say things and give me a deeper sensitivity.

  5. Laura, glad I'm your neighbor at Jennifer's this morning. Your women's conference reminds me of the masks we wear - it is the unveiling as you read through those index cards. God bless you. xo

  6. I teach women's classes to and have, like you, been surprised to hear the stories of great pain and hurt behind smiling faces. We have to be sensitive and open to God to lead us to people to whom we can reach out and bring the love and comfort of God. Thanks!

  7. Laura,
    A friend once told me, as we walked around the neighborhood, "You know, behind each of those doors, there's a story." How true, that behind each door to a house or each smiling facial facade is a story, a trial, a struggle. We're all dealing with something. It just may be a different something. I think I was really meant to come to your post today so that I will remember this as I go about my day. I pray that I will be compassionate and open to someone who may need a listening ear. Great post!

  8. Beautiful words and I love your idea of offering prayer cards for prayer requests. I will keep this in mind for the our next women's ministry event. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Praise the Lord God knows are hearts and we can cry out to him with what we are walking through. Praying for your ministry and that Jesus speaks through you to the women you come in contact with!

  10. Laura, this is a gentle and precious post for which I am glad to have read today. I have been amazed at the way God has woven people into my life this past week. May we be ever so mindful of this truth as we never know the pain in the heart of another. Praying for you as well that God would continue to use you mightily in the lives of those He brings across your path. Blessings!

  11. Laura- what a good reminder that we all are dealing with something. Many times, we focus on ourselves and what we're going through, but others are going through the same or something worse!
    Visiting from #GraceMoments

  12. Loved this truth today. And it was wonderful to see you at God Sized Dreams today :)


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