Monday, May 22, 2017

When God Answers with an Oxygen Mask

Have you ever wondered why you can see God’s hand in some areas of your life, but not so much in others? Maybe like me, you’ve even asked Him.

It’s not that you’re not thankful, you just want to know why.

That was a conversation I had with God a few months ago.

The Back Story...

The second half of 2016 was rough. After multiple large, unexpected expenses, loss of my part-time job when my position was eliminated, and ongoing family medical concerns, I was tired. I knew God was walking with me. I’d seen His work along the way. But, still, I was worn out.

As January 2017 began, the one-after-another extra expenses had slowed down. There were still bills to be caught up on, but I began to see some new employment opportunities.

I saw God at work in obvious ways in several areas of my life and watching His plan unfold re-energized my hope.

There was still one area, though, where there was no visible change—my loved one’s medical concerns. Every time I tried to move forward to make something happen, I felt like I hit a brick wall. My efforts went nowhere and I wondered if I was supposed to stop trying.

As I showered and dressed one morning, I had one of my heart-to-heart talks with God. I thanked Him for the opportunities He was presenting—I knew without a doubt He was at work. And in the next breath, I asked why. Why was He helping me and not my loved one? 

Why was I feeling hopeful in one area and hopeless in another?

I knew that He hadn’t chosen sides and that His help wasn’t limited to me, but sometimes what we know and feel don’t work together. {Tweet this}

I'm so excited to be a featured guest at Candidly Christian today! Please join me there to continue reading...When God Answers with an Oxygen Mask!

In Christ,

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  1. Great encouragement! Needed this today :)

  2. Laura - We are neighbors over at #TellHisStory so that is why I clicked on your post to read and then when I saw the title and began to read, I had to laugh - I wrote about asking God the Why questions for my linkup tomorrow. I am clicking over to finish reading your post, but just wanted to comment here as well. great post. if you are looking for another place to link to, feel free to join me tomorrow on my blog - linkup goes live at 3am EST

  3. Intriguing title . . .
    Off to finish reading!

  4. Great job, Laura! Glad to link up with you in several places this week.

  5. Laura, I know how you feel. When I was first facing my own medical issues, there was about 6 weeks of no answers, some answers and news that kept getting worse and worse - but was still unconfirmed. I had to learn to go one day at a time and trust Him. I'm sure it was so hard on my husband as his mother passed away from cancer, his sister beat it twice and now his wife was facing it. All he says about that time was he took it one day at a time and trusted God. It's so very hard to walk this walk sometimes, but the Scripture you shared is perfect. He goes before us. Thank you for sharing your very real walk with God. That's so precious.

  6. Great word, Laura. Loved the insight about knowing God hadn't chosen sides. So true! I relate so much to this post...feeling hopeful in one area and hopeless in another. Yet, we're confident we know the hope giver. Blessings, favor, and anointing over your writing and ministry, and most of all, God's glory!


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