God’s Healing Through a Song

When I opened the envelope, I thought I knew what it would say. In fact, I was so sure, I was already mentally planning my next steps. But, what I expected was not what was printed in that letter. I was stunned and stuck in the place I was standing.

What I read was good news, but it was also news that would disrupt our world for a while.

It was news that sent my emotions, and my daughter’s, into a freefall. I was instantly overwhelmed with the letter’s implications—the details that would have to be quickly taken care of, the financial risk, and how it would affect every member of our family, including our fur baby.

And did I mention the emotions?

Pouring out what I didn’t feel I had in me, I helped my daughter process through what she was thinking and feeling. Between the two of us, the fear, what ifs, and unknowns were too numerous to count. So were the tears.

I spent the next day making phone calls and confirming details, some I knew and some I’d just been made aware of. I sat at my kitchen table and cried when one piece of news was better than I had anticipated. I knew God had gone before us and was working out the details. And yet, I was still scared.

How could I see God’s hand and all that He was working in our favor and still be afraid? Because I’m human. {Tweet this}

I can be thankful for God’s provision and still feel vulnerable. 

I can trust Him and still be unsure of what my next step is. 

I can praise Him and still cry because I feel so broken. 

And, I can know God is with me and still feel afraid of what I can’t see ahead.

The week before, I’d fallen in love with the song “O My Soul” by Casting Crowns. I turned up the volume every time I heard it on the car radio and decided it was my new favorite song. That same week, I found the CD at the library and checked it out. Little did I know that my new favorite song would get me through my overwhelming week.

“O My Soul” was on constant replay in the car and at work. When I couldn’t listen to it, I heard the song in my head and thought about the meaning of the lyrics. I cried and I prayed. I was overtired and worn out. I wondered if I should stop listening to the song because I couldn’t listen to it and not cry, especially on my way to work. But I couldn’t stop playing it—I knew that one song was holding me together.

And that’s when I realized—God had given me something audible to cling to that only He knew I would desperately need in the days to come. His love and promises spoken to me in the way of music.

When I felt exhausted, I knew He was holding me. 

When I felt empty, He was filling me up. 

And when I was unsure what to do next, He turned me in the right direction.

God was healing me in ways I wasn’t aware I needed. {Tweet this}

It wasn’t immediate, but after a week or so, I could listen to the song without shedding more tears. I felt calmer and stronger. Still tired, but less worried.

There are still many unknowns, what ifs, and how will we? questions. But we’re taking them one at a time and looking for where God has already sorted out the details.

And I’m praising Him and thanking Him every step of the way.

In Christ,

[Photo credit: Pixabay.com]

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  1. Hi Laura, I can so relate to a song just changing the atmosphere around you. Great post and I hope this moment of hope is an amazing time for you and your family
    God bless

  2. He will quiet you with His love and rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

    1. "...quiet you with His love..." So peaceful and comforting! Thank you.

  3. He's so good to us when we find that peace in the midst of our crazy. Thank you for this reminder! (Your neighbor at #TellHisStory)

  4. Laura, I love that song. God also gives me songs for healing. Praying for you today, that you will have hope and comfort.

  5. Hi Laura, thank you for aharing your heart. What an ordeal you and your daughter have been thorough. I'm so glad to know that you realize the Lord was right there bringing you through with a song.

    Your neighbor from coffee for Your heart,

  6. I love "O My Soul" too, Laura. To think this song was already embedded in your heart at a time when you need(ed) its message so much--isn't it wonderful when God orchestrates things like that? And this? "How could I see God’s hand and all that He was working in our favor and still be afraid? Because I’m human." So true. I never stop being thankful our God "sees how we are formed and remembers that we are dust." (Ps. 103:14) Beautiful post!

  7. I have had a few songs like you described that carried me through difficult times... The Stand by Hillsong is one of them. So very precious to me b/c of the lyrics and of the strength it game me when i was weak. Love the power of worship!

  8. There are several songs that do that for me. Oft times I watch the convocation at Liberty University where my granddaughter attends and the praise team will sing a song and I find myself sobbing and pouring out my gratefulness to the King for allowing our Hannah to be in such a Godly and good environment for her 4-year college education! SO BLESSED.

  9. Glad to connect with you via the Faith and Friends Linkup. Thanks for sharing your testimony. God uses music to speak to His children often, esp the inspired lyrics composed by Christian artistes. Years ago, I had a very stabilising influence when things were tumultuous in my life through "The Anchor Holds" by Ray Boltz, which more or less became my anthem then. Bless you!

  10. It seems like God is always sending me the right song for the moment that I need it the most. I'm not sure the situation with your daughter, but I know that God will continue to lead and guide you and bring peace and provision. Blessings!


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