The Power of a Kind Word

I was reminded today of the importance of a kind word.

A surprise hand-written note in the mailbox…with sweet encouragement…and a thank you. Completely unexpected—and deeply appreciated.

Just one way in which God works through us to reach others.

There is power in the words we speak. They can build up or they can tear down. {Tweet this}

There have been so many destroying words in the past year. It’s time for more thoughtful, considerate, uplifting words.

Words that encourage.

Words that promote healing.

Words that show thanks and appreciation.

Words that reflect Jesus.

What if each day we showed kindness with the words we speak? {Tweet this}

To our family and friends.

To our co-workers.

To the cashier and fellow shoppers.

To the stranger we cross paths with.

To those who inspire us and embolden us to make a difference in the world around us.

Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

May we choose our words wisely.

In Christ,

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  1. Hi, Laura! Thank you for the gentle reminder of the power in our words. I have always tried to make it a point to not let good thoughts about or toward someone stay just thoughts. I've always wanted to verbalized positive, encouraging words to others.

    Good post!

  2. Amen, Laura. Thank you for this reminder to choose our words wisely for they have power to heal and to harm. Reminds me of a line I read in Jen Hatmaker's book _For the Love_, "Kindness needs recipients." :) -- Thanks for sharing these lovely words with #ChasingCommunity. ((hug))

  3. Thank you for this Laura. Visiting you from Suzie Eller's #LiveFreeThursday post today. I'm your neighbor there. I have the 5 minute Friday post. It's an old post, but it works great for today as well. Happy Friday!

  4. Words are so important, but too often we fail to think before we speak. Speaking words that reflect Jesus - I needed that reminder today.

  5. Laura, you are so right about the power of words. I love that you started with a hand-written note; that's one of my personal favorites. It's also a wonderful reminder that kind words are for our corner of the world, not just the corner of the living room. Blessings from your neighbor at Holley's.

  6. Hi Laura, this is so true. We need to spread a little kindness and it starts with us. No point waiting for someone else to go first right?! And spreading kindness always makes the person doing so, and the person receiving it, feel good. A win win situation :)
    God bless

  7. James says our tongue is the most difficult thing to tame, and it is so true! Thanks for this reminder of what how healing our words can be when used effectively.


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