God's Protection

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember thinking that I would never be able to protect her like I could before she was born. I knew I would do the best I humanly could to protect her, but every parent knows there is only so much we can do. Children will get hurt, sick, lost, defiant, and they will have to make their own mistakes.
The truth is, no one can protect my child the way God can.

He sees all when my sight is limited. {Tweet this}

He knows best when I’m swayed by emotion. {Tweet this}
And He can intervene unbeknownst to me.

So often I don’t understand the what and why of what’s going on in my life, but I know God does.

And sometimes that knowledge has to be enough for me.

In Christ,
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  1. Hi, visiting from FMF, right after you.
    Yes, that knowledge often has to be enough..... I have learned the truth of that, and how God can give strength through it, and how He intervenes against impossibility to show me hope again.

  2. Amen, Laura. We cannot be all. We cannot protect or fix all that will come. Embracing that God knows and handles all can give us so much peace!
    Blessings and smiles,

  3. Laura this message is one I have been speaking to my own heart for so many years, and with intensity now, as I am preparing for my son to leave in 4 weeks to teach in China for 4 years. Clinging to the truth that God loves him more and can protect him better than I ever could. Thanks so much for this:) Crystal~

  4. As much as we love our children and want to keep them safe, the Lord loves them even more! They are in the very best care!

  5. This is so true. We cannot protect our children like God can. It's a matter of continual trust for me to keep placing them in God's hands. Have a blessed 4th of July.


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