Monday, July 18, 2016

God-sized Dreamers Are Stronger Together

Two months ago, I was invited to join the team of writers at God-sized Dreams. I was thrilled! And surprised…because only a week before, I’d been wondering about the writing team and how often new writers are added. God at work, right?

After a few days of praying and thinking about it, I gladly accepted. And then…I panicked. Self-doubt kicked in (complete with dizziness and nausea), and I felt like a fraud. How could I write about dreams when sometimes I’m not even sure what mine are anymore?!?

That’s the beautiful thing about God-sized dreams…

When I’m too weary to dream, God is still at work on His dreams for me.

I know from experience that I have seasons when God is telling me to rest. I’ve learned that it’s best to yield during these seasons because there is a purpose. It’s a time for growth and renewal in ways I might not have realized I needed. But He knows.

Please join me at God-sized Dreams to continue reading...God-sized Dreamers Are Stronger Together

In Christ,


  1. Congratulations Laura! God is awesome, you'll be awesome. Please share your first post with your friends at #GiveMeGrace.

  2. Congratulations Laura, and no need to panic, God's got this friend!

  3. Congratulations! God is writing those dreams for you each time you give an obedient yes! Whether it is a yes to rest or a yes to the next ministry. God-Sized Dreams is such a fantastic place! I'm so excited for you!

    Thank you for sharing your hope alongside me each week at #MomentsofHope! I SO appreciate you!

    Blessings and smiles,


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