Vulnerable With God

Vulnerable – susceptible to physical harm or emotional injury, open to criticism, unprotected against attack (

I don’t know anyone who likes to be vulnerable. It’s why we wear masks, isn’t it? Why we quickly answer “fine” when asked how we are?

One of my least favorite responses is, “It’s all good” because it usually follows a list of circumstances that don’t sound all that good. In fact, they sound unpleasant, overwhelming, and quite difficult. But to say so would be vulnerable.

And vulnerability is uncomfortable. It leaves us out there, uncovered, for all to see. The world might see this as weakness, but God does not.

With God, being vulnerable is a safe place to be. {Tweet this}

It means we can tell Him anything, (He already knows anyway) and know that He will always love us.

Where transparency with others may leave us open to attack, it never will with God. When we let ourselves be completely open and honest with God, He shows us new things about ourselves. Admittedly, some things we may not want to know, but He doesn’t leave us there alone.

As He walks us through change, He comforts and strengthens us along the way.
“Complete vulnerability means nothing is off limits; there are no walls. It’s letting God into every area of our mind, heart, and behavior. God is our only constant safe place. He is our hiding place where vulnerability is no longer scary. He knows everything, and He sees everything, and yet, He unconditionally loves us.” – Danise Jurado, Fulfilled (pg. 36)

I don’t like feeling vulnerable, and yet, with God, it’s different.

In this vulnerable state with God, I feel my strong will relax. I let my guard down and He shows me where He desires to work in me.

This is where we come closer to Him and get to know Him better. Our faith grows deeper. It’s where we become more dependent on Him…and that is a good thing.

In fact, perhaps that’s when we can say, “It’s all good.”


If you are reading Danise Jurado’s book Fulfilled with us, we are in week 2 with Chapters 2—Restoration and Chapter 3—Truth. There is a lot in these two chapters to take in. Vulnerability is only one small point, but being open, honest, and exposed with God is necessary for growth and restoration. With our defenses up, we resist change and keep God at arm’s length.

Change is never easy, especially when we’re wanting God to change someone else, but He chooses to work on us. I’ve dug in my heels, insisting I’m not the one who needs work. As you can imagine, that didn’t go well. What it does is make the process take longer and it feels more painful. (It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn more than once.)

But when I humble myself to Him, He gives the ability and strength to endure the refining process. He will lead us through the storm and carry us when we’re too weak to keep going. And when we’ve rested, He sets us back on our feet again and continues to guide us.

How do you feel about being vulnerable with God? Does it come easily or do you struggle with it?

In Christ,


  1. "With God being vulnerable is a safe place to be." I appreciate your thoughts on vulnerability - a place, I must admit I'm not too crazy about. I'm practicing it more, and, yes, it is 'safe', even a soothing balm with God. Also, love your beautiful leaf background on your site! Blessings from the RaRaLinkUp.

  2. I'm not crazy about that saying either, Laura. Speak this weekend with AUDACITY because Jesus Christ gives the AUTHORITY. Yes, Lord! Returning the visit!

  3. Ah yes... Vulnerability... it's what we are called to to live an authentic life and it's when we risk it and let down the masks, even in - or especially in our brokenness that His Light shines through all the more! Glad we are neighbors over at Holley's place today!

  4. Vulnerability is so hard, and you're right it is definitely something that we have been trained to think is sometimes just weakness. But I love the quote you included that reminds us that vulnerability with God is really just letting Him into our entire life with no limits. Thanks for the reminder of how important vulnerability is!

  5. It's good to know we can rest in Him and be vulnerable. That we can completely trust Him.

    Thanks for sharing. : )

  6. Ok, seriously Lord? This is the THIRD post I have read in the last few hours on this topic... Apparently He is trying to tell me something. Thanks for being His Vulnerable vessel, my friend. I was praying for you today! <3


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