Monday, September 14, 2015

Fulfilled Study - Week 2

Welcome! If you're reading Fulfilled by Danise Jurado with us, here is the reading for week 2. (If you are just joining us, it's not to late to get started. Click on the Fulfilled Study tab above for more information.)

Read: Chapter 2—Restoration and Chapter 3—Truth

When you finish reading, consider these questions:

Danise Jurado writes, “I was a brand new Christian, and I didn’t have a lot of knowledge, but I knew that there was a spiritual battle going on for our marriage and, more importantly for my husband.” (pg. 19)

What’s been your experience with spiritual warfare? Did you recognize the spiritual battle at the time, or not until you could look back?

“The problem with Christians is that we know what we believe; we just don’t really believe what we know.” (pg. 39)

Do you struggle with believing what you know about God and what you read in His Word? Do you believe His promises are for you?

Danise describes the battle of truth vs. fact on pgs. 40-41. Do you struggle with the facts of reality getting in the way of your faith and God’s truth?

Have a great week!

In Christ,

[Image credit: Danise Jurado]

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