Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let Go – A Conversation with God

Me: That's it God. I give up.

God: Good, I've been waiting.

Me: You're going to have to help me.

God: I've been trying to.

Me: What do You mean? I feel like I've been doing it all myself.

God: You have...I've been waiting for you to let go so I could help you. But you have a very strong grip on this.

Me: If I don't take control of it, no one else will.

God: I will.

Me: No, I mean other people.

God: You don't need other people for this. You need Me.

Me: I can't do it all myself.

God: You don't have to. You can give it to me.

Me: Can't You just take it?

God: Not if you won’t let go of it.

Me: It's hard.

God: I know. Trust Me.

Me: I'm scared.

God: I know. I'm here.

Me: Will You stay with me?

God: I will. Are you ready to let go?

Me: (deep breath) I'm ready.

God: (silence)

Me: God?!? Are you still here?

God: I AM.

Whatever you might be struggling with today, God is waiting to help you with it...if you're ready to let go.

In Christ,


  1. I've been having a similar conversation. Actually, were you eavesdropping? *wink* Nice to stop here today and know I'm not the only one. xxx

  2. I too have been having the same conversation with God. Why do we try so hard to do things in our strength?! Letting go is so hard.

  3. This is great, Laura. I've found it so helpful to write into some of my own conversations with God - I'm always surprised by what is revealed and the places God leads. Thanks so much for linking with #SmallWonder.

  4. Yep. I know that conversation well. :) We should be more like the kids and constantly be singing "Let it go, let it go!" Thanks, Laura.

  5. I get this! It can be so very hard to let God take complete control, but He is the GREAT I AM, after all.

  6. Thanks Laura......boy did that hit the very spot I was talking to God about !!

  7. Sounds like you have been listening in on my conversations with God..Lol. This hits home, and the reminder is perfect! Thanks Laura!

  8. Oh, Laura! This encouraged me so much! I will be sharing it with some friends in my prayer group. Blessings.

  9. Amazing how we so often have this conversation with Him. So grateful it always ends with His Presence is always with us! Beautiful & encouraging post.

  10. Ok, girl-- have you been eaves dropping on my conversations with God? I TOTALLY get this. Eleventy billion times over. THANK YOU.

  11. Oh, that is a BEAUTIFUL story, with a perfect ending. And I'm sure every one of us can relate...the excuses, the insecurity, the uncertainty...and finally, The Great I AM. wow. I think this one's going to stay with me all day. Your neighbor at Blessing Counters.

  12. This is beautiful Laura! Something I need to print off and keep close. Thank you!

  13. WOW! This is a conversation that I have had the beginnings of but, Laura, I have not waited for the ending more of the time!! Thank you, thank you. Visiting form Deb's.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda


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