Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Your Efforts Go Unnoticed

There are days when it feels like my efforts go completely unnoticed.

It doesn’t matter where we’ve gone, what I’ve tried, or how many errands were run. Someone’s mood is less than desirable. The one thing not accomplished or that was missed on the shopping list is the one thing being talked about. And it seems to get bigger…overtaking everything else.

We tend to focus on the negative, don’t we?

The one thing that didn’t work out instead of all the things that did.

The item we would like to have, ignoring all that we do have.

The unfinished work versus the completed tasks.

On those days, I feel like my efforts don’t matter. Why don’t others see how I’ve tried to make something work out the way they hoped?

My feeling of accomplishment dissipates and I find myself frustrated and aggravated. I’m less encouraged to try so hard again…or at all.

But, despite how it looks, my efforts are noticed—by the One who sees it all.

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In Christ,


  1. It's so easy to focus on the negative and to feel unappreciated, isn't it? I liked the two ways you wrote about that will help with this problem: focusing on working for the Lord and trying to show appreciation to those around us. Thanks, Laura. (found you on Jennifer Dukes Lee's link up)

  2. You always seem to know what my heart is thinking, Laura. Thanks for reminding us that whatever we do, we can do it for God-- and it never goes unnoticed. Needed this :-)

    Love you much girl. <3

  3. ahh, the negative does trip me up so often. Good reminder, Laura to focus on God, not my problems.


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