Thursday, July 17, 2014

We All Have a Place

I like hearing about fellow writers’ accomplishments—really, I do. But sometimes, I have to fight the Why do I even try? feeling. Not all the time, but more than I like to admit.

Do you know that feeling? It doesn’t have to be writing, but in general, someone else’s success where you hope to be successful.

We know better, don’t we? But emotions get in the way. Discouragement sets in and thoughts run wild.

Unless…we stop them first. Rein them in and get control.

And change our thinking—because we all have a place in the work of God’s Kingdom.

My work may not be the same as yours and your work may be different from mine. God calls us to different ways of speaking His truth and proclaiming His name and saving grace.

He blesses us with different strengths. He equips us with different skills and talents. He leads us to different places at different times—all according to His plan. A plan we may not see, but know, through faith, is there.

Someone else’s achievement is not about me or what I haven’t done. It’s about Him and what He has called her to do.

My cheering her on is success for God’s Kingdom. My slinking back and quitting enables the Enemy. And I know I don’t want to work to his advantage. Do you?

So, let’s not quit the work God calls us to.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to step out in faith with Him.

Let’s not allow discouragement to set in when we hear of another’s accomplishments—but instead, let’s encourage each other wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.

It’s not my work vs. your work because we’re on the same team—the winning team—God’s team.

So, what do you say? I’ll cheer for you and you cheer for me. We’ll encourage and root for each other…for the good of God’s Kingdom.

Go team!

In Christ,


  1. It is about the team and not about "my" work versus someone else's work. It's all God's anyway, right? Thanks for reminding me that it's in the comparison that we feel inadequate, but in the big picture, we're all on the same team. Thanks, Laura!

  2. I had a momentary feeling of why her and not me yesterday. Thanks for writing just what I needed.

  3. Laura, I love your word of encouragement here. I think everyone feels this way at one time or another. I'm going to share a link to it on CMB tomorrow morning. I believe it will bless many. Hugs!

  4. Cheering you on Laura! We're all working together -and we're called to be the best at what he's called us to do - which, I think for me, in the daily is tied to out-each over my kitchen counter - not crowds - just individuals - one heart at a time. Big and little ministries - both have the ability to impact. Your message is so encouraging to keep the right attitude about where we're called to serve, about finding joy in blooming where we're planted!

  5. At middle age, as I am, I am beginning to learn who I am.
    I used to look at what others were doing and wish I could do that too.
    So, I sat back and didn't do anything, figuring I wasn't called.
    I am learning my gift is to be an encourager.
    My ministry is my family. And, that is ok!!
    Someone has said my blog is a ministry as well.

  6. Yeah for you, Laura. I loves your words and that you are faithful to write.

  7. I really needed your encouragement tonight, Laura. A bit discourage - writing for everyone else ( for the newspaper for example) but not taking the time to write what I feel God really call me to. sigh. back to prayer first for clarity for my next step and to continue one step at a time - yes go Team!!

  8. Wise advice for us all, Laura. I have found that I battle this less as I encourage others more. I just realized how funny this is. Perhaps this is the very reason the Lord does tell us to encourage & build one another up. I am always blessed for being here.

  9. I offer a very hearty amen here! These words are the cry of my heart. Your story matters. Not our stats, or our comments, or our at-mentions or shares or our Amazon rankings. But our stories!

    Grateful for your words.

  10. You said it girl!!! It is a tough thing to master but so glad God calls us to cheer for one another! (This is me jumping up and down with my spiritual pom poms... Go Laura, Go! :-)

  11. What wonderful words of encouragement! I need to remember to be faithful to my calling and not be so easily discouraged.

  12. I love your post and reminder that we all have a place and we must fill our personal opportunities! If you don't think you have an opportunity - then make one! Dare to step out and take a risk for Jesus !! You are a close neighbor at Laura Rath's place !!

    1. Sorry I meant Sharita's Everyday with Jesus Place


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