Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waiting…for the Next Thing

I’m thrilled to be joining my friend, Jen, on her blog, Finding Heaven, today. Last month, Jen said she was thinking about time…how we use (or misuse) the time we are given. From there, a series was born—Reflections on Time: A New Series.

Will you join me at Finding Heaven, where I’m guest posting today? Here’s the beginning of what you’ll find…
Sleep when the baby sleeps.
That was the advice given to me when my daughter was an infant.
It made sense, and I could do that at night time. But during naps? I didn’t do so well with the advice then.
I looked forward to nap time, but then I was antsy. I thought she would wake up any minute, so I couldn’t relax. And, I felt like I should spend the time doing something, like laundry or cleaning, or something of that nature. So, I went from thing to thing, without accomplishing much of anything.
And when nap time was over, my daughter was well rested…and I was tired.
I didn’t think of resting as doing something, and I wasted the precious quiet time I was given.
I’ve been thinking about this again because I wonder if I’ve changed much.

I hope you’ll join me at Finding Heaven, and would you leave a comment? Jen and I would love to know you stopped by.

In Christ,

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