Monday, September 2, 2013

Don’t Underestimate How God Will Surprise You

After a week of near 100 degree temps, high humidity and dew points, and weeks of little to no rain, this morning was beautiful—sunny and not even 80 degrees yet, with a cool breeze. Ahhh, perfect.

I decided I should venture out to the raspberry bushes at the back of the yard to see how bad they looked. I haven’t been watering them, so I expected to see shriveled up berries, if there were any signs of berries at all.

While I did find sad, dried up berries, I was surprised to find good berries—more than I would have guessed or imagined.

I went back to the house for shoes and a bowl to collect them in. I had only expected to be out for a minute to confirm my worst suspicions, but my exciting find said I’d be out longer.

As I carefully picked the good raspberries, I thought about how surprised I was that there were any at all. And it made me think of how God will surprise us.

When we think there’s no hope, God says to hope in Him.

When we think a situation is impossible, God reminds us that with Him anything is possible.

When we expect to see nothing, God shows us something.

The raspberry bushes are across the yard from where I sit writing this, and I can see pink berries that will be ready to pick in another day or two.

If I hadn’t ventured out this morning, I would have missed the delicious surprise I found. And because my eyes are now open to more berries ripening, I won’t miss out later this week.

How often do we miss out because we’re so sure “it” won’t happen?

This morning, my “it” was ripe raspberries. Tomorrow, my “it” might be something much bigger—something I don’t want to miss because I don’t think it will happen.

Don’t underestimate how God will surprise you. {Tweet this!}

Maybe you tend to look through the lens of what you think you will see and how you expect things to go. Is it time to set this lens aside?

When we open ourselves up to what we might find, God will amaze us. {Tweet this!}

And when we get used to looking for God’s surprises, how much more will we see them?

When have you been surprised to find what you were sure you wouldn’t see? Was it even better than you could have hoped for?

In Christ,


  1. God is full of surprises. I just need to remember to keep my eyes open to see. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks for sharing Laura. So many times I go into situations with my own expectations of how things will or should turn out instead of keeping an open heart and hands to allow God to work. And oftentimes God does definitely surprise me!


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